BEC Pro Review

BEC Pro Review

Speaking about the BEC Pro just as an e-smoking device, we can confirm that it corresponds to all the standards and the quality is the best as possible. The device has a heavy stainless steel construction and supports both 510/306 and eGo attachments.

It comes with two twist-on collars that keep the attachment steady and demonstrate the nice appearance of the device no matter what the type of attachment is used. It supports 18650 batteries —BEC Pro review sample didn’t have a battery or charger, although we have found out that even with older batteries we only need to swap the battery once a day. The BEC Pro is made from heavy stainless steel and should be able to tolerate a rough handling.

Before starting this BEC Pro review, we had only used one device to record that it generated exactly the same amount of vapor from the beginning to the end of the battery’s life: the ProVari. The BEC Pro is generally the second e-cigarette with that same capability, which is something worth mentioning about such a low-cost device.

At the time of writing, the BEC Pro costs just not much while the ProVari costs remarkably more. Although it has to be said that the ProVari is made in the United States and the BEC Pro isn’t, the huge price difference is a powerful alternative toward opting for the BEC Pro when you believe that the two devices offer equal service and the BEC Pro has a much larger advertised power range.

Although it is hard to recognize a difference in performance between the BEC Pro and the ProVari, there are slight differences in build quality. In favor of the BEC Pro is the fact that it has a floating magnetic center pin to maintain solid contact with whatever attachment you might like to use. There is no need to “pull the pin” here.

On the other hand, one may not like the BEC Pro’s activation button and its tendency to rattle around when the device is moved. The threading of the BEC Pro also tends to squeak and scrape when the device is put together and disassembled. Although you might be able to rectify this on your own with a lubricant, it really should be sold from the factory.