How To Extend The Life Of An Electronic Cigarette Battery?

Maintaining the battery of an electronic cigarette can extend its life. This is valid for electronic cigarettes but also for any device with a battery. Without minimal maintenance, the battery can degrade faster and fail you without warning. What do we mean by maintenance? We are going to give you some tips in this article to extend the life of your battery.

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How to choose your e-vape?

Today, a wide range of products are available on the market to quit smoking, including vaping. But how to choose the right electronic cigarette? You have to start by understanding how it works and defining your needs in order to find the perfect device.

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Eternal question for kit and electronic cigarette users: which model of  clearomizer best meets my expectations? Which Subohm or MTL clearomiser will give me the most satisfaction, especially in terms of flavors and vapor, while guaranteeing me real ease of use? Which clearomizer will be able to adapt perfectly to the power of my box or my mod? Because the best clearomizer for electronic cigarettes is the one that best suits your vaping habits and the use you make of it, you should first know them.

If the choice of a clearomizer model seems easy, many parameters must be taken into account to ensure an optimal vaping experience. By holding the clearomiser that adapts perfectly to your box or battery with batteries, to the value in ohms of your coils and to your daily use, you are sure not to fall back into your smoking habits! Anxious to help all vapers wean themselves off tobacco, we help you make a choice and guide you towards the ultimate model that will correspond to your use and will make you become a fervent defender of electronic cigarettes. Follow the guide and determine precisely the material that will make you vibrate.

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If you have not decided to acquire a box or a mod with an integrated battery, you have likely opted for equipment requiring one or more batteries.! Whether they are in 18350, 18650, 20700, 21700 or 26650 format, these accumulators are not immortal… Like many batteries, our dear companions who power our electronic cigarettes have a limited lifespan. 

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Cleaning your clearomiser is as important as cleaning your electronic cigarette. It is crucial not to omit regular cleaning if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Indeed, if you vape an aroma based on mint or anise, and you change it for coffee, there is a good chance that you risk ending up with a most doubtful coffee/mint aroma.

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What is a mod?

The word “mod” often comes up in the world of vaping, but what does it mean? Indicating the lower part of the electronic cigarette, the mod generally refers to all cylindrical-shaped e-cigarettes, most of which work with batteries.

We are going to study its different aspects to answer this basic question: what is a mod?

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