How to choose your e-vape?

Today, a wide range of products are available on the market to quit smoking, including vaping. But how to choose the right electronic cigarette? You have to start by understanding how it works and defining your needs in order to find the perfect device.

What is an electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette also called an e-cigarette, is an ingenious device that reproduces the same sensations as a conventional cigarette. However, with a nuance since the vaporization of an e-liquid, nicotine or not, replaces the combustion of tobacco, recognized as harmful in terms of health. The operating principle is particularly clever. An electronic cigarette is made up of a battery, an atomizer tank containing the e-liquid and a resistor. The latter heats up and, once a certain temperature is reached, transforms the e-liquid into vapour.

To know how to choose your electronic cigarette, you have to define which smoker profile you belong to. It is determined mainly according to daily consumption, distinguishing between three profiles:

  • The “little smoker”, with less than 10 cigarettes/day. The smoker occasionally needs an electronic cigarette. It must therefore be easy to use, compact and efficient. We recommend our Essential vape which perfectly meets the criteria of this category of the smoker.
  • The “moderate smoker”, between 10 and 20 cigarettes/day. The moderate smoker needs a high-performance electronic cigarette with good autonomy. But again, it should be easy to use. In this case, you have the choice between Essential and Infinity.
  • The “heavy smoker”, more than 20 cigarettes/day. Heavy smokers need an electronic cigarette with long battery life. Our Infinity vape with its 380 mAh battery and its slim and compact charging case perfectly matches this target.

Before choosing your electronic cigarette , it is also necessary to take into account its characteristics. A large number of beginners are attracted to models capable of producing a lot of smoke. This is often a mistake because smoking cessation is not favored, knowing that a lot of vapor is synonymous with a lot of nicotine. In some cases, throat irritation may even appear, which will make vaping uncomfortable.


In addition to this pitfall, an electronic cigarette producing a lot of vapor is not suitable for beginners because it requires the use of a particular inhalation technique: the vapor is sent directly into the lungs. 

The benefits of electronic cigarettes 

The advantages of the electronic cigarette are multiple, whether in terms of health or cost. Concerning the field of health, it is now proven that the electronic cigarette makes it possible to quit smoking. 

If such a result is possible, it is because this nicotine substitute faithfully reproduces the sensations of a tobacco cigarette. The difference is that the smoke is replaced by vapor, the result of the vaporization of an e-liquid which may or may not be nicotine. This inhalation process thus participates in weaning and confirms the idea that it is one of the best nicotine substitutes. 

Preserving your health

A smoker of conventional cigarettes sees his nicotine level increase exponentially in the blood. Once in the lungs, the nicotine molecules dock directly with receptors in the brain. The electronic cigarette reproduces this process identically because it imitates exactly the method of administration of a conventional cigarette. With one difference, all the same, it is much less harmful.

Indeed, the combustion of many toxic and carcinogenic substances contained in tobacco is the cause of a large number of diseases. The e-cigarette reproduces the inhalation of the cigarette, but without combustion. Choosing an electronic cigarette therefore seems less dangerous for health than the classic cigarette. 

Know your level of expertise

Beginner, advanced or expert, several types of electronic cigarettes are offered and allow several levels of vaping:

  • “Classic” electronic cigarettes: electronic cigarettes in tube format are called “classic”. Discreet, they are easy to use and often recommended for beginner vapers. Despite everything, intermediate or advanced vapers also appreciate these models.
  • “Box” electronic cigarettes: made up of a clearomiser and a box-type battery, these e-cigarettes have a more or less rectangular shape. Generally more powerful, more autonomous, they offer wide adjustment possibilities.
  • “Pod” electronic cigarettes: Belonging to the new generation, much more powerful than before, “pod” electronic cigarettes are all-in-one models. Easy to use, compact and discreet, the pods have more and more followers, whether they are beginners or confirmed.
  • Expert mods: “modifiable” electronic cigarettes belong to mods. Two types of the mod are offered, the “electro” and the “mechanical”. The first is equipped with software (chipset); the other no. These battery-operated models are particularly powerful and reserved for experts. They require a great experience of vape and a good knowledge of electricity.

You are a beginner 

The first puffs from a first electronic cigarette are essential. They condition your relationship with the vaper. In case of disappointment, you run the risk of giving up and taking up the classic cigarette again. These first moments are essential! On the other hand, if all goes well, you will have at your disposal a whole set of models allowing you to go from the simplest to the most technical and powerful. The question will then arise of how to choose your electronic cigarette.


Very quickly, you will discover that the vape is a world in its own right. A world that has its codes, its vocabulary and its innovations. It is a community in perpetual motion.

Set your nicotine level

At the beginning, when you are going to choose your model, it will be essential to define the nicotine level. The choice is therefore made according to this dosage. When he stops smoking, the smoker still feels a strong need for nicotine. To help him, we will generally direct him to a model distilling a high rate to fill this gap. 

The nicotine level is therefore an essential element in weaning. Not to take it into account is to risk missing the transition from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Many vapers fail because they don’t use the right dosage for them. Tobacco and nicotine: two different notions

It is important to point out that many people confuse “tobacco and nicotine”. Nicotine is present in cigarettes. And it is moreover this molecule which is at the origin of the addiction. But contrary to popular belief, it is not she who is at the origin of the most harmful effects. The danger of tobacco is hidden in hundreds of other substances in smoke, including carbon monoxide and tar.

This is why it is important to quit smoking, which unfortunately requires a lot of willpower. Nicotine substitutes, sold in pharmacies or in stores offering electronic cigarettes,  such as patches, chewing gum are then of great help. 

Quitting smoking is also difficult because a compensation phenomenon takes place, which encourages the smoker to take stronger and more frequent puffs to meet his nicotine needs. Cigarettes called “lights” have scientifically demonstrated this phenomenon and had to change their name. Finally, they were as harmful as “classic” cigarettes!

Since nicotine addiction is multifactorial, it is particularly complex to control. It is first of all psychological and behavioural. We smoke because we are stressed or at special times, such as morning coffee or after meals. Smoking also has a social effect. But it is also physiological, when the body “claims” its dose of nicotine. All these factors affect the nicotine level of your refills. The electronic cigarette allows you to begin to get rid of these pitfalls.

The ideal electronic cigarette for experts 

If vaping can be like a privileged moment, for others, it can also become a real passion. In particular, there are sites and accounts on social networks dedicated to the world of vaping. At For example, for vaping experts who are used to using extremely powerful models. Electronic cigarettes can be used alternatively for simplified daily use. Indeed, it is enough to install a pod and to aspire so that the vape is ready to function. 


So how to choose your electronic cigarette?

If your budget is tight, you’re a beginner vaper or you’re looking for a vape with the essential features, the Essential range is for you. Refillable in 40 minutes, it is ready to use as soon as the pod is inserted! 

If you want an award-winning vape for its aesthetics, vape regularly throughout the day and appreciate the possibility of having a case that charges your vape wherever you go and a larger battery, then the Infinity range will meet your expectations . .

The shape of electronic cigarettes plays a vital role.


If you are one of the seasoned vapers, you are certainly looking for top-of-the-range equipment, with a futuristic and definitely high-tech design. Power, resistance, settings…, we offer electronic cigarettes dedicated to experts.