How To Extend The Life Of An Electronic Cigarette Battery?

Maintaining the battery of an electronic cigarette can extend its life. This is valid for electronic cigarettes but also for any device with a battery. Without minimal maintenance, the battery can degrade faster and fail you without warning. What do we mean by maintenance? We are going to give you some tips in this article to extend the life of your battery.

It may seem trivial but it is recommended to regularly clean the battery connector. As it is used, a deposit can accumulate on the connector. E-liquid can also end up there if a leak occurs, for example at the level of the airflow ring. The presence of a deposit or e-liquid can have an impact on the performance of the battery or even cause a malfunction of the electronic cigarette. To clean the connector, please use a soft cloth or dry paper towel. Do not use water. If the connector is dirty then it’s time to change the battery or buy a new electronic cigarette.

A weak battery must exert a great deal of effort to maintain a continuous level of vapour. Using an electronic cigarette until it is discharged can have an impact on its lifespan. Do not wait until the battery is completely discharged to charge it. More and more electronic cigarettes have a light indicator to visualize the level of remaining autonomy. For example, for the LOUNGE PRO electronic cigarette, the red light indicates that there is less than 20% autonomy left. It is then time to recharge the electronic cigarette .

You have charged the battery of your electronic cigarette and the charge is complete? Unplug the charger. Many people charge their electronics overnight and only unplug the battery in the morning. This is a habit to be avoided so as not to damage the battery. Likewise, be sure to follow the information provided in the instructions for use of your electronic cigarette: it indicates the maximum load supported by the battery. For example DC 5 volts (1 A). This means that the main charger used must not exceed 1 A (1 Ampere).

Electronic cigarettes do not like heat, cold or humidity, and even less sand and dust. That’s a lot to take into consideration. Do not expose your electronic cigarette to heat or cold. The optimum operating temperature is between 5 and 45°C. Never leave your electronic cigarette in direct sunlight. In very cold weather, carry your electronic cigarette safely in a bag or pocket. Also, do not expose it to rain or any water source. Finally, also avoid using your electronic cigarette at the beach or at least putting it on the sand. The sand can infiltrate everywhere even in the box of your electronic cigarette.