How to change a clearomizer?

Do you want to change the atomizer? Do you know the clearomizer? Are you a new fan of electronic cigarettes? Do you need vaping advice?

Stop moving, this article is made for you! So what are you waiting for to start discovering the clearomiser?

What is a clearomizer?

The clearomizer is an essential part of the electronic cigarette. The word “clearomizer” comes from the marriage between the English word “clear”, transparency, and “atomizer”. The clearomiser is therefore simply a system made up of 2 parts:

– A resistor that will heat the e-liquid.

– A tank (or tank in English) to store the e-liquid,

Note that the tank can be completely transparent or semi-transparent depending on the model. 

But then, how does such a system work?

How does it work?

The operation of a clearomizer is relatively simple. To better understand its principle, you must first know the composition of a clearomizer. The latter includes:

– A mouthpiece, more commonly known as a “drip-tip” in the world of vaping.

– A resistor that heats the e-liquid contained in the tank.

– A seal, called bottom-cap, which ensures the impermeability of the clearomiser.

– A chimney connected to the drip tip constitutes the air intake.

In terms of operation, it’s very simple: when you activate your electronic cigarette, the atomizer heats the e-liquid thanks to wicks/resistors, which evaporate the liquid in the form of vapour. By inhaling through the drip-tip, the vapour rises from the chimney to reach your mouth. 

We have seen that the clearomiser is in a way the cousin of the atomiser. But then what are the differences between the two?

Clearomizer VS atomizer: what are the notable differences?

In the middle of the vape, and by abuse of language, we often use the words atomizer or clearomizer to designate the same thing. But there is a real difference. The clearomizer uses pre-assembled resistors designed by the manufacturer. These coils are used directly: just screw them on your electronic cigarette to be able to vape with it. The atomizer offers him the possibility of creating his resistance. We then speak of a rebuildable atomizer.

Why choose the clearomizer?

You could choose the clearomizer for:

– Its simplicity: it is much easier to use compared to an atomizer.

– Its efficiency: it fulfils its role very well and requires very little handling.

– Its practical side: in general, it is highly recommended for beginner vapers.

– Its accessibility: a clearomizer generally costs between 5 and 45€ while a reconstructable atomizer varies from around 20 to 110€.

Why change clearomizer?

You will very rarely need to change your clearomiser. Indeed, a clearomiser, when it is of good quality, does not change every week. A clearomizer must sometimes be replaced when one or more parts that contain it are defective or broken.

Nevertheless, most of the time, you will only need to change one or more parts to make it work again since, as we have seen, the clearomizer only has detachable parts. It is therefore relatively simple to change any part of your clearomiser!

On the other hand, the part that you will certainly have to change is resistance.

When to change the resistance of your clearomiser?

On average, the resistance of the clearomiser changes every month. This is likely to happen when:

– You feel that the e-liquid has less taste.

– The vapour is almost transparent.

– You feel a burning taste when you vape. We then speak of “ dry hit ”.

How to disassemble a clearomizer?

Another fundamental advantage of the clearomiser is that it is very easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s child’s play! As all the parts are detachable, you can remove them one after the other and change them very simply. To disassemble a clearomizer, you must:

– Unscrew the lower part of the clearomiser to access the reservoir.

– Gently turn the tank to remove it and change it.

– You can also remove the resistance.

– Finally, to completely disassemble your clearomiser, you must first remove the drip tip by unscrewing it. 

Note that depending on the models of clearomiser, the resistance can be clipped very simply. Moreover, the drip tip can be changed whenever you want. Finally, when you change resistance, take care that the new one you install is correctly positioned and locked. Indeed, a badly screwed resistor could get stuck in the clearomiser…