Eternal question for kit and electronic cigarette users: which model of  clearomizer best meets my expectations? Which Subohm or MTL clearomiser will give me the most satisfaction, especially in terms of flavors and vapor, while guaranteeing me real ease of use? Which clearomizer will be able to adapt perfectly to the power of my box or my mod? Because the best clearomizer for electronic cigarettes is the one that best suits your vaping habits and the use you make of it, you should first know them.

If the choice of a clearomizer model seems easy, many parameters must be taken into account to ensure an optimal vaping experience. By holding the clearomiser that adapts perfectly to your box or battery with batteries, to the value in ohms of your coils and to your daily use, you are sure not to fall back into your smoking habits! Anxious to help all vapers wean themselves off tobacco, we help you make a choice and guide you towards the ultimate model that will correspond to your use and will make you become a fervent defender of electronic cigarettes. Follow the guide and determine precisely the material that will make you vibrate.


Among the clearomizers, there are two main families: the quality MTL models which provide a tight vape, close in terms of rendering to what the traditional cigarette previously offered you when you were a smoker, and the more airy Subohm models, synonymous with ” direct vape” which offer the vaper the full vapour! You are in luck, all these models are of high quality and often offered at very affordable prices. They are available for purchase separately or associated with a mod in a kit for example.

In general, when we start with an electronic cigarette, our first instinct is to try to reproduce identically the sensations of the cigarette that we have just abandoned. Our draw habits are modeled on those of the tobacco cigarettes we used to smoke and any change in usage might be too much of an upheaval!

We therefore advise you, in this case, to choose models of MTL clearomizers intended for indirect inhalation, which will offer indirect inhalation, exactly like the classic tobacco cigarette. In the department of MTL clearomizers, we can notably cite the  Z Nano 2 Tank GeekVape model or even the Zenith II product from Innokin. But other brands of quality electronic cigarettes such as Vaporesso ,  Aspire or  Eleaf also offer MTL clearomizers which combine flavors and vapor by using resistors with an ohm value close to 1: ideal for the use of e-liquids with high nicotine levels.

If you prefer a more aerial vape, and you are a vaper looking for a significant production of vapor, the models of sub ohm clearomizers offering a direct vape will probably be the safest choice! Here, the offer is plethoric and you will have to pay attention to the different characteristics of clearomisers to make the right choice. You can opt for the  PnP Tank VOOPOO model for example or the  Melo 4 and  Melo 5 Eleaf products. The must be for DL ​​inhalation and the use of low nicotine levels!


One of the main differences between the different models of clearomisers lies in the capacity and autonomy of their reservoirs. Some of them offer an impressive e-liquid reserve, which can approach 10ml in capacity depending on the model! If you dream of a quality clearomizer that prevents you from filling your tank too frequently, opt for these large-capacity clears. Some models delivered as a kit even offer you the possibility of changing their pyrex tube in favour of so-called “bulb” tubes. Enough to satisfy the relentless vapers. This is for example the case of the  NRG-S Vaporesso model or the TFV  Smok products which offer abundant vapor but whose use requires a low nicotine level.

The ohm value of resistances likely to be mounted on your clearomiser is also an essential criterion to take into account. If you use e-liquids heavily loaded with nicotine, we advise you to opt for models using fairly high resistance values: the higher you vape in ohm, the more the flavors will be present and the more you will feel the effects of nicotine. … The value of your resistance will also depend on the hit, that is to say this contraction of the larynx that ex-smokers generally seek.

Most modern clearomizers have at least two different resistance values, often provided in the box of the clearomizer or the kit. We therefore advise you to carry out various user tests, in particular power tests, in order to select the coils that suit you best. The latter can also be made of different materials (kanthal, nichrome or mesh for example), each providing different sensations: a more or less significant vapor production and more or less pronounced flavors. The quest for the ideal material sometimes requires some trial and error!

To find the best clearomizer at the best price, finally, pay attention to its different features which can sometimes be very practical. Filling in liquid from the top, airflow adjustment, simplicity of changing the resistance… To compare the models, all these details of use can be important when you go in search of the clearomizer of your dreams! Let’s not forget either the aesthetic aspect and the diameter of the clearomiser which must adapt to your box or your mod. 


The market for electronic cigarettes is constantly evolving. The manufacturers have therefore imagined new clearomisers which also transform into a pod cartridge. Practical and ingenious, they are above all more versatile and allow you to transform your electronic cigarettes into a kit or a pod. These products are therefore suitable for all vapers who wish to accompany their box or their mod with a clearomizer at a low price, modular and easy to use. Here too, the biggest brands in the vape have unveiled their own version of the pod cartridge clearomiser with products at the cutting edge of technology and benefiting from excellent value for money. This is the case of the GTX Pod Tank model by Vaporesso, the PnP Tank clearomiser by Voopoo or the GTL mini clearomiser by Eleaf!