Your brand new electronic cigarette is in your pocket, you can’t wait to test it and that’s normal! Before embarking on a thorough test of your e-cigarette, it is however necessary to carry out some manipulations.

First of all, you should know that to avoid any problem during transport, the manufacturers only charge the batteries or the integrated batteries of the boxes and mods very little. You will have understood: before hoping to be able to start your equipment, it will be necessary to charge it! If you have opted for a battery box or mod, the use of an external charger is highly recommended. 

The latter ensures a fast and above all safe charge which will significantly extend the life of your batteries. Did you choose a pod or a box equipped with an integrated battery? Your only mission will be to connect your equipment to a computer or a power outlet via the USB cable usually provided! Whether batteries or built-in batteries, you will have to wait about two hours before switching on the device.


The tension is at its peak and the long-awaited moment has arrived!

Experienced vapers who have set their sights on a mechanical mod devoid of any security (caution!) will only have one thing to do: insert the battery. Once the latter is positioned, the mecha mod will be ready for a frenzied game of vaping.

In the case of an electronic mod requiring the installation of one or more batteries, it is imperative to take care to respect the direction of the polarities. To make sure you are not mistaken, look carefully at the inscriptions present in the battery compartment of your box or mod! When the batteries are installed and the door is firmly closed, you can go to the next step which consists of lighting the electronic cigarette.


The start-up of the device is the same on a mod with batteries as on a box with integrated battery! To vape, press the big button, also called switch, 5 times quickly on the e-cigarette. The support must be carried out quickly and confidently…

If the 5 presses have been done according to the rules of the art, the screen of your electronic cigarette, if it has one, will light up with a thousand lights and you will be able to attack the multiple functionalities offered by the manufacturers.

The size of this guide could foretell the worst and no doubt you thought that lighting an electronic cigarette was going to be a long and complex task… It is not so and this essential but simple manipulation will open the door to you. a life without tobacco!