If you have not decided to acquire a box or a mod with an integrated battery, you have likely opted for equipment requiring one or more batteries.! Whether they are in 18350, 18650, 20700, 21700 or 26650 format, these accumulators are not immortal… Like many batteries, our dear companions who power our electronic cigarettes have a limited lifespan. 

After some research with various manufacturers, we quickly find that an accumulator can withstand between 300 and 500 charging cycles! The information is not the most precise and various parameters can reduce or increase this life expectancy. If there is no data to determine exactly when to replace a battery, certain signs allow you to know when to change the batteries of your electronic cigarette! Through this guide, we will clarify certain points and give you advice on changing batteries. On the other hand, choosing a quality battery charger is a real plus in the maintenance of your batteries.


Although this does not concern the majority of vapers, it seems necessary to address the subject of mechanical mods! Devoid of any protection, these mods require constant attention. 

With this type of material, the power delivered depends on the resistance put in place but also on the battery. The more the latter empties, the less it will be able to provide enough energy to properly heat the coil. This loss of power is felt… However, it happens that users push their battery to their last entrenchment: the battery is in deep discharge! 

If new generation chargers can bring these valuable batteries back to life, the discharge is sometimes so deep that the batteries become unusable. You will have no choice but to make a replacement.


In less extreme cases and after several months of good and loyal service, the batteries gradually lose performance. The latter no longer offer as much autonomy and tend to overheat during use. If you notice a drop in the capacity of your battery or an increase in temperature, you will know that it is necessary to turn to new batteries!


The change of a battery for e-cigarettes can also intervene following the degradation of the latter. If the plastic that surrounds the battery and which acts as an insulator is damaged, two options are available to you. The first will be to acquire wraps to replace the damaged insulation. This operation only takes a few minutes and requires little skill. The second solution will be to replace the battery. The plastic surrounding the accumulator is essential and avoids any risk of short circuits. Do not take any risks and do not hesitate to act as soon as the protection is no longer intact! 

More seriously, if dark traces are visible on the battery or if a shock is present, you must take the time to analyze the problem to be able to remedy it! By removing the wraps you will be able to look at the battery from every angle and make the right decision. In the case of stains, if they come off with a dry cloth then you can put on a new wrap. On the contrary, if the stains do not leave, it means that rust is attacking the metal… Changing the battery will be the only solution! 

This replacement will also be necessary if an impact is present on the body of the battery. Regardless of the size of the impact and its depth, the battery will have to go for recycling, in a special bin, present for example in supermarkets. Your safety is at stake! Respect your batteries and do not hesitate to change them at the slightest doubt. It is useless to take risks, the game is not worth the candle!