What do you know about e-liquid in electronic cigarettes?

Are you a smoker? Do you know how much you’re risking with that poison? Are you up for smoking cessation? Yes, of course, and you’ve already tried several methods but each time, it’s a failureā€¦ Do you find it too difficult to leave this blonde permanently? It is completely understandable but had you tried the electronic cigarette?

Yes, the electronic cigarette is another method that has been thought out to help smokers quit tobacco. It is a tobacco-free product.

The use of this innovative product is not yet recognized as a method to help smokers quit smoking. One of the main reasons why these people have decided to vape instead of smoke is simply the fact that this new way of “smoking” is much less dangerous. It should also be noted that the electronic cigarette has already proven itself in terms of reducing the tobacco consumption of smokers and even if there is always talk of a lack of scientific evidence on its effectiveness in helping them to quit smoking permanently, many former smokers testify well to the fact that they have succeeded through its use.

This product does not yet have official status. The government and health organizations prefer to play the card of caution for the moment. As for scientific experts, opinions are divided on the subject. The doubt that hangs over this product already in vogue is mainly anchored on questions around the composition of the special preparation that is used to produce the steam, this famous mist with the flavour of strawberry or coffee… This is the product consumable of the electronic cigarette, called “e-liquid”.

What do you know about these e-liquids? The following explanations will be able to enlighten you a little more on the subject.

E-liquids can have different flavours. Each flavour determines the flavour of a given e-liquid. These are natural flavourings added to the preparation, such as those used in the food industry and which are consumed in everyday life in natural drinks and cakes for example. On this side, the vaper has a very wide choice. Those who are fans of the fruity flavour can for example opt for a cherry, strawberry or banana e-liquid. For the greediest, there is the chocolate or caramel flavour. Exotic flavours also exist such as vanilla, pineapple or coconut. Today, to offer more pleasure to consumers, manufacturers have even found other special flavours like the pina colada! Without forgetting the e-liquids intended for those who are nostalgic for the taste of tobacco: Camel, Marlboro, tobacco bond, etc.

E-liquids are also composed of two other products including propylene glycol or PG and vegetable glycerin or VG for regulars. Both products can exist with different strengths in the preparation. PG is the component that is responsible for producing a pronounced hit in an e-liquid. It is a low viscosity substance. E -liquids with more PG also give slightly less vapour. On the other hand, when it is vegetable glycerin which is the majority in an e-liquid, the electronic cigarette produces a lot more vapour but on the other hand, the hit will be quite weak. VG is also the component that ensures good consistency in the preparation. It is a more viscous substance.

The term “hit” refers to this sensation of itching and contraction in the throat due to the passage of smoke, so appreciated by smokers.

You should know that a very small amount of distilled alcohol and/or pure water is also used in the composition of e-liquids for e-cigarettes. These elements give the preparation the sensations and the famous hit comparable to those of the classic cigarette.

Nicotine is the other important element contained in e-liquids. But you should know that there are e-liquids without nicotine. But what must be remembered above all is that the nicotine used in e-liquids is different from that of tobacco. The nicotine in e-liquids is pure and natural, whereas that of traditional cigarettes undergoes combustion and that used in patches and gums is synthetic nicotine.

Natural nicotine gives a better taste. In addition, it has been shown by scientific studies that nicotine in its natural form is much less harmful.

Here again, vapers have incredible luck because they can choose the level of nicotine contained in the e-liquid of their e-cigarette. This rate can generally vary between 0 and 19.6 mg per millilitre. Note that an e-liquid that contains more nicotine gives a much more pronounced hit. The vaper can simply choose an e-liquid with a quantity of nicotine which corresponds to his former tobacco consumption. As his motivation increases, he can gradually reduce this level of nicotine until he no longer consumes it at all after a certain time. The low nicotine strength e-liquids are intended for light smokers and therefore the medium and high strengths are made for use by average smokers and heavy smokers respectively. According to the feelings of the smoker who starts with the electronic cigarette, he or with the help of his doctor can know if he should choose a higher or lower level of nicotine than the one with which he started.

The biggest question that runs through the minds of most people interested in vaping is: is e-liquid harmful to health or not? Certainly, there are already some fairly conclusive studies on this subject but it has never been confirmed by scientists that this preparation is safe. In any case, it appears that all the components of the e-liquid that we have just mentioned above are all used in the composition of products for daily mass consumption by the general public, and have been for a long time! Moreover, e-liquid cannot be more destructive than nicotine!

Anyway, the first step towards quitting smoking is through willpower! But no one is either unaware that the risk of relapse awaits the smoker on every street corner in this option… The electronic cigarette is quite simply the best compromise!