Cleaning your clearomiser is as important as cleaning your electronic cigarette. It is crucial not to omit regular cleaning if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Indeed, if you vape an aroma based on mint or anise, and you change it for coffee, there is a good chance that you risk ending up with a most doubtful coffee/mint aroma.

So clean your tank as often as you can to get rid of your old flavours!

It is also possible that your clearomiser has received dirt or dust. It should then be cleaned to 

keep it alive as long as possible.

Regular maintenance of its clearomiser and its resistance is essential to prolong their lifespan and increase your vape comfort.

Manual basic maintenance with water and paper towel:

Path to follow :

  1. Completely disassemble your clearomizer 
  2. Remove all gaskets
  3. Clean your clearomiser with clear water
  4. Gently dry your pieces with a paper towel

This is probably the easiest and most common way to clean your clearomizer. Start by disassembling your tank into as many parts as possible. You can also gently remove the 

O-rings, trap a lot of the old flavours. Just be careful not to lose them!

Group all the parts of your clearomiser (except the resistance), and put them in water, under the tap to rinse them thoroughly. Use a towel, paper towel or better yet a clean cloth to gently and thoroughly dry your tank. Let stand until completely dry.

It is necessary to clean 1 to 2 times per month its clearomiser in a basic way. That is to say disassemble it completely and pass each of the parts in hot water (tank, resistance, drip tip and other parts).

It is imperative, then, to ensure that each of them is well dried.

Complete cleaning with white vinegar  :

After rinsing each piece with hot water, let them soak in a tub of white vinegar for at least 10 hours. Your metal parts will shine.

Path to follow :

  1. Unscrew as much as possible all the parts of your clearomizer
  2. Pour 5 cl of white vinegar
  3. Dip your atomizer in this magic mix 10 min
  4. Rinse your atomizer thoroughly with water

Vinegar is a very acidic cleaner, but it must be rinsed well to prevent its smell from impregnating the atomizer.

Some vapers prefer to use a little dish soap or lemon juice with water instead. As long as you rinse all these substances thoroughly, they are very effective agents for cleaning your clearomiser.

Complete cleaning with an ultrasonic device  :

If you want to get the most thorough cleaning possible for your clearomisers, you will need an ultrasonic cleaner. Commonly used to clean jewellery and precious metals, now used by vapers around the world to clean their clearomizers. 

A little expensive, but the ultrasounds have a real capacity to bring back a clearomiser from beyond the grave.

Path to follow :

  1. Open the cover of the ultrasound device
  2. Place your atomizer in the tray provided for this purpose
  3. Pour water until your clearomiser is completely submerged
  4. Start the ultrasonic cleaning cycle for approximately 3 to 6 minutes

Important, after each maintenance, it is essential to check that there are no missing parts and seals.