What is a mod?

The word “mod” often comes up in the world of vaping, but what does it mean? Indicating the lower part of the electronic cigarette, the mod generally refers to all cylindrical-shaped e-cigarettes, most of which work with batteries.

We are going to study its different aspects to answer this basic question: what is a mod?

What is a mod?

At the origin of the vape, the term mod simply refers generically to a modified electronic cigarette. Today, the word ” mod ” is often applied to all cylinder-shaped electronic cigarettes. 

Most of the time, they work with rechargeable batteries but sometimes also an integrated battery.

Generally using a single or double battery power supply , the mod offers good power for vaping in all circumstances. It also allows, thanks to the modifications made to the basic electronic cigarette models, to personalize your vape .

When the mod adopts a rectangular shape, it is readily referred to as a “  box  ”. It is therefore not surprising that the terms ”  mod  ” and ”  box  ” are often used together because the two designations are very close. To simplify, the box or box mod is, therefore, a square-shaped electronic mod.

The electronic mod

More common but also more advanced, the electronic mod or electro mode represents the majority of mods on the market. In particular, it offers the possibility of varying the power in watts of the device and of modulating the temperature control. The electronic mod also allows good management of the battery and the state of the coil.

Equipped with a screen or a luminous display, the electronic box displays all the useful information for a safe vape and adapted to the vaper.

Totally electronic, this type of mod greatly facilitates the use of the e cigarette. Another great feature, the electronic mod is equipped with protection in case of overheating or short circuit.

The mechanical mod

Reserved for vape specialists, the mechanical mod or mech mod is a mod devoid of electronics which makes it an extremely robust and durable e-cigarette. Its operation totally depends on the power of the battery inside. With a fully charged battery, the mechanical mod delivers a vape in its full intensity. Subsequently, as the battery discharges, the vape gradually loses its power.

Devoid of electronics, mechanical mods have no protection in case of overheating . This is why they are intended only for experienced and informed vapers .

Mechanical mods require special attention to the batteries to limit the risk of degassing.

The semi-mechanical or electro-mechanical mod

Called semi-mechanical mod, semi-mechanical mod, semi-electronic mod or electro-mechanical mod, you can also cross paths with a hybrid model. This is a mechanical mod with a safety feature. The semi-mechanical mod, therefore, allows you to benefit from the advantages of mechanical mods with more precautions.

This type of mod is for experienced vapers . Depending on the mod / box models, it may or may not have a screen. These mods are not the most widespread but can constitute for certain vapers a good alternative to the mechanical mod, security in addition.

How to choose your mod?

You want to buy a mod and you don’t know which model to choose?

The choice of the mod is made above all according to the profile of the vaper: beginners, intermediates or experts will not make the same choice.

  • If you are new to vaping , you will undoubtedly be more comfortable with a mod or an electronic box , which is easier to use.
  • Advanced vapers who want to mod their vape will look to more feature-rich mod models. For this, they can make their choice among electronic or even semi-mechanical mods / boxes.
  • Expert vapers have all the choices: they will particularly appreciate the performance of mechanical mods thanks to their knowledge of the vape!

Also, choose your mod/box according to your daily use: if you do not want to recharge your batteries too often, prefer autonomy with a mod with double batteries.

If you like to slip your mod into your pockets, take into account the size of the box to transport or store it more easily.

Finally, let your heart speak for the design of your mod: you will enjoy vaping with it!

Last tip: the mods being sold without batteries, remember to equip yourself to take full advantage of your electronic cigarette. So have you made your choice?