The ideal electronic cigarette

Dripper, tank, atomizer, coil, drip-tip… Here is a list of configurations that can cause embarrassment when buying a new electronic cigarette. Beginners are the most affected by this difficulty of choice which does not improve over time. Since the first generation of e-cigs, the models and options have evolved from the simplest vaporization system to real advanced technologies with electronic management. It’s not a cakewalk to recognize the accessory we need when we are overwhelmed by so many possibilities.

Starting with the simplest risks spoiling the feeling and opting for sophisticated hardware is not more encouraging either. In this diversity of choices, even the most experienced sometimes lose track of the ideal configuration for everyday use. Would it be better to choose a more versatile model or another more specialized? In the end, this hesitation is very rational because buying a cigarette is a long-term investment.

The problem that we often encounter is related to the disappointment of the vaper, who will have taken the type of accessory that does not meet his expectations. Knowing that the price range is very deep ranging from 40 euros for the simplest up to 300 euros for more sophisticated models. To avoid this kind of situation, stir the question well and give more importance to the purpose of your electronic cigarette. To do this, you have to understand how an e-cig works, what are the determining parameters, what potential should you expect from the device and above all if it will be suitable for regular use.

Understand the role of the electronic cigarette to choose well

It is first of all a substitute accessory which simulates the gestures and the object of real cigarettes. Any individual who wants to embark on this adventure must be fully aware of the ends he projects and how it works. Moreover, it is strongly advised not to start vaping if you do not show any sign of addiction to nicotine or any other form of need from tobacco. Reversals of processes are very likely during the misuse of an electronic cigarette which would cause a vaper to become accustomed to the toxins of nicotine, or even to start smoking directly. This risk is minimal, but it should not be overlooked before buying your e-cig.

After the question of addiction, the rest is just a question of feeling and taste! Although the material is designed for health purposes, the real discussion is about the other benefits and possibilities that can be exploited in it. Since the release of the complex generations, the electronic cigarette has become a trendy accessory and a real creator of feelings. The choice of aromas and the accentuation of sensations are now the points of valuation that must be considered in terms of vaping. Which model to choose for which feeling? We will explain this to you in detail right away.

Atomizer, clearomizer or dripper, what is it for?

The selection criteria that must be applied relate above all to the behavior of your electronic cigarette, the quality of the vape it provides, the fidelity of the sensation in relation to the configuration of the equipment. Whether you are an expert or a novice, this behavior is decisive for all users, and must be considered in the same way since there is no reason to prioritize an expert over a beginner since the objective is to take advantage of it.

To fully understand the nuance of the models, make a summary of the organs of an electronic cigarette. Whatever type or model you may encounter, an e-cig must have basic parts = which are the battery, the tank (optional in some models), the resistance and the tip. The absence or malfunction of one of them directly affects the system.

The battery is the energy storage and distribution device used to power the accessory. This part works like a battery that charges with alternating current and discharges on the electrical circuit of the coil to generate heat. There are several types of batteries depending on their use, whether you are looking to optimize power or you are looking to save energy.

The reservoir holds the vape liquid which is intended for vaporization. All electronic cigarettes do not necessarily have a tank (like drippers), some models store the liquid only in the fibre for a particular use. Those who like to try new sensations and change tastes prefer drippers to tank atomizers.

The coil, or the heating element, is the most important and flexible part of an e-cig. He is responsible for the quality of the vape that will come out of the mouthpiece. With the arrival of rebuildable atomizers, resistance becomes a science that should not be ignored because every nuance of taste or sensation is due to a precise setting of it. The choice of a new model largely depends on the operation and the characteristic of the resistance which is mounted in the coil, if it is more focused on performance (faster and provides more heat) or on quality (emphasizes the perception of taste).

Finally, the drip tip or mouthpiece is the final part of the vape accessory. It serves as a corridor that carries the vapor from the coil to your mouth. As the main organ, it greatly influences the perception of the vape. It can shape temperature, concentration and density by its shape, material and diameter.

How to choose when you are a beginner?

You have decided to part with cigarettes and you want to convert to electronics? Your main concern will first be to choose the e-cig for beginners who will gradually immerse you in the vape. By applying the roles of the organs and parts that we have listed, the choice becomes clearer.

To get in good condition and feel the good atmosphere of vaping, a beginner should not be overwhelmed by new sensations. He must have time to get used to the various aromas, the force of the pressure, the maneuverability of the object and of course the expression of the nicotine.

In order not to mislead these new converts, it is necessary to give free rein to their desires, their habits and above all not to offer them, banal models, for beginners. Knowing that each smoker has his style, his addiction, his gestures and his technique, it would be wrong to put all beginners in the same basket.

Therefore, basic principles are common to all ex-smokers, but other elements are inherent to each of them. For the base, choose a handy and small model so as not to be out of place with the new gestures. The ergonomics of the accessory must retrace the habits you have taken with cigarettes.

As for individuals, question your nicotine addiction. For heavy smokers, it would be better to opt for models with the tank (tank) in the sense that the preparation and accessibility to steam are done instantly. Also consider the feel of your mouth and throat, avoiding too dense vapours or too strong flavours. The coil and the tip must be flexible and come as close as possible to your style.

The ideal cigarette for regulars

If you’ve been in the vape for a while, you’re experienced enough to recognize the difference between aromas, density and warmth or even the lightness and aggressiveness of a cloud. On the other hand, if you are not yet strong enough to detect and manipulate the organs responsible for this rendering, you are in the right place.

Many vapers make the mistake of choosing a model that does not match their desires. A vape is above all a result, and to achieve this brilliantly, you have to choose and put the right elements that contribute to producing with fidelity the need you want to satisfy. If you have noticed that over the weeks, the brutal, hot and instantaneous vape suits you perfectly, choose a dripper which is also designed for its speed, its low resistance (often in sub-ohm) and the enormous quantity of vapour. that it produces! On the other hand, if you are more familiar with lightness, flexibility and taste, avoid low resistance models, opt for tank atomizers with multiple coil settings (more heating surface), low density for more flavour.

Apart from these parameters, you also have to worry about the safety and maintenance of your new electronic cigarette. For newcomers, avoid complicated models that need careful and taxing maintenance. The practicality of the device must evolve with the desires and mastery of the configurations, which gradually lead to passion and experimentation.