How to choose your e-vape?

Do you want to reduce your nicotine budget? Do you want to preserve your health by consuming a cigarette without the tars that are so devastating to your lungs? Do you want to rediscover the pleasure of smoking differently? Whatever the reason that pushes you to switch to the e-cigarette, you are about to embark on the adventure without really knowing which choice to make. Consult our guide and find the answers to your questions!

Before getting to the heart of the matter by talking about the different criteria to be determined to choose the most suitable electronic cigarette for your needs, it is essential to start at the beginning, namely the pure and hard definition as well as its composition.

Its composition

What is an electronic cigarette made of? Each e-cigarette consists of:

  • A battery: is useful for supplying energy to the mini-machine, to be able to heat the e-liquid and project the vapour necessary for vaping.
  • A clearomizer:  which itself consists of the tank containing the e-liquid and the system allowing vaporization

Depending on the models chosen, electronic cigarettes can be equipped with other additional options to best optimize the vaping experience. However, all existing e-cigarettes consist of the equipment base mentioned above.

How to choose your e-vape?

To offer yourself a vaping experience worthy of the name, you need to equip yourself with efficient equipment and, above all, adapted not only to your needs but also to your desires. Thus, several criteria must be taken into consideration before proceeding to the stage of selecting the ideal e-cigarette for your vaping profile:

Know the different formats

The electronic cigarette is available in different formats, which appeal more or less depending on the use that one wishes to make of it and the most appreciated ergonomics.

  • The “POD” type format: also known as “POD Mod”, the POD type electronic cigarette is quite recent on the vape market. Small, light and compact, the format of this kind of e-cigarette is explained by the fact that it consists of a battery and a low/medium capacity resistor. Thus, PODs are rather used with e-liquids such as nicotine salts or CBD, or even products whose nicotine level is quite high and the vegetable glycerin (GV) level quite low. PODs are very popular for the small size they entail and their all-purpose appearance.

  • The “tube” type format: as its name suggests, the electronic cigarette in tube format is presented in a tubular aspect. In miniature format, light and, in fact, rather discreet, the tube is modular: the clearomiser with which it is adorned can be removable, or not, depending on the choice. The electronic cigarette in a tube is often offered in the form of a kit. Equipped with intelligent systems, e-cigarettes in tube format tend to automatically recognize the clearomisers they come with, to adapt the power according to the product.

  • The “box” type format: the third and last major category of electronic cigarette, the box is more generally aimed at amateur and/or experienced vapers rather than neophytes. Indeed, its bulkier and more massive format makes it possible to choose specialized equipment offering more advanced functions. This type of format is so-called because of the rectangular shape that shapes its design, like a box, that is, a small box. Equipped with a battery with substantial energy, the box is accompanied by accumulators – batteries better known as “batteries” – but also a clearomizer.

Determine your consumption

Before embarking on the adventure, it is necessary to draw up your profile as a smoker. To do this, you must define in which box your conventional tobacco consumption places you:

  • I am a “little” smoker: if I smoke less than 10 cigarettes/day.
  • I am a “moderate” smoker: I smoke between 10 and 20 cigarettes/day.
  • I am a “heavy” smoker: if I consume more than 20 cigarettes/day.

In this case, several options are available to you, depending on your smoking profile. Your consumption will make it possible to highlight certain determining criteria such as the quality of the material, the degree of simplicity when using the product, the capacity of the tank, the rate of nicotine release, and the autonomy of the battery types. , etc.

– For “little” smokers:

You allow yourself a small cigarette on the occasion of an evening, after a meal or for pleasure one afternoon… You are therefore one of those “little” smokers who do not have a great need for tobacco. When you switch to the electronic cigarette, you can therefore opt for an electronic cigarette that is easy to use, light and compact. You can therefore naturally go for a POD-type e-cigarette or a “tube” format, with the automation, the small size and the simplicity that goes with it!

– For “moderate” smokers:

You smoke regularly, without however falling into heavy consumption. You, therefore, need an electronic cigarette that is both efficient, both in terms of power and autonomy, but at the same time easy to handle. You can then go for the tubular format, or even opt for a box! If you choose the last option, remember to inform yourself well on the subject.

– For “heavy” smokers:

You have finally decided to embark on the adventure of vaping but your requirements are multiple and very high: never mind, there is THE electronic cigarette you need! To meet your needs for quality, power, autonomy and versatility, we advise you to go for the box format, which will offer you a premium vape and high-end equipment as well.

Precisely define your needs

Not all vapers have the same desires or the same needs. It is therefore obvious that everyone’s choice is based on certain criteria.

1- Steam

What fascinates you, in the world of electronic cigarettes, are these huge clouds of vapour? You too can indulge in this pleasure, if that is what you are looking for. However, it is good to know a few things before starting:

  • The delivery of nicotine: abundant vapour delivers much more nicotine than less intense vapour. By creating a cloud of vapour with an increased nicotine delivery rate, you risk irritation in the throat. Is this the desired effect? The question has to be seriously asked.

  • Direct inhalation: moreover, for those who fuel their e-cigarette with little or no nicotine, another detail is to be considered: a vapour can be produced in abundance only if your e-cigarette allows you to practice the so-called direct inhalation technique. In this case, the vapour is sent directly towards the lungs, without even stopping in your mouth first. Is it suited to your desires? Does it meet your need?

  • The necessary equipment: third and last point, the delivery of steam in large quantities requires special equipment. To indulge in this practice, it is often necessary to equip yourself with a high-performance box-type machine, accompanied by specific resistances with rather low values.

2- Autonomy

The question of autonomy is one of the essential elements to consider since it determines the average number of puffs that you can take in days but also, and above all, the type of vape that you can practice according to your profile. In summary :

  • For “little” smokers: a battery with a relatively low to medium autonomy may be quite sufficient. You will therefore be advised to opt for a battery of less than 1,500 mAh.

  • For “moderate” smokers: as the inhalations are more regular and the vaping experience more demanding, you will need a battery with medium or even high autonomy in some cases. So an e-cigarette battery between 1500 and 2500 mAh would be ideal.

  • For “heavy” smokers: ideally, turn to batteries with a power greater than 2,500 mAh.

If you do not opt ​​for an e-cigarette with an integrated battery, an electronic cigarette is then equipped with a system called “All-in-one” that is to say “all-in-one”, You can completely equip yourself with a box with batteries to insert inside. In this case, all you need to do is constantly carry charged batteries with you in your bag to be able to enjoy the benefits of your machine continuously! 

However, the accumulators being real batteries, it is imperative that you follow a few safety rules to enjoy the experience with complete peace of mind. Remember to inform yourself well on the subject!

3- Resistance

The central element of the electronic cigarette, the resistance is necessary for the proper functioning of the system since it allows the heat of the e-liquid via the energy it receives from the battery, to finally trigger the dispersion of a vapour full of flavours. The consumable is located at the level of the clearomiser and is measured in Ohms. To determine which  resistance to choose, first think about defining what type of vapour you want to release from your electronic cigarette:

  • For a rather light vape which the vaper wishes to take advantage of in direct inhalation, that is to say by inhaling directly from the e-cigarette to the lungs: a resistance with a value greater than 1 Ohm would be the most suitable.

  • For a vapour released in direct or indirect inhalation, neither too intense nor too soft: opt instead for a resistance whose value is between 0.5 and 1ohm.

  • For an intense vape recovered in direct inhalation: the choice will rather go to a small value of resistance, less than 0.5ohm.

4- The reservoir

Depending on your vaping profile, you can determine whether your e-liquid tank should be large or small or even medium in size. Indeed, the more puffs you take, the more you will need a large tank volume to enjoy better autonomy. As a general rule,  average clearomizers offer tank volumes often between 2 and 3 millilitres. In the case of an inveterate smoker, it will certainly be necessary to consider opting for a larger tank.

5- The nicotine level

The nicotine level present in your e-liquid is decisive for the model towards which you will then have to orient yourself. Indeed, the electronic cigarette does not share nicotine in the same way as a conventional cigarette, it is essential to define your needs in terms of nicotine beforehand.

  • Resistance:  depending on the nicotine delivery rate you want, the value of the chosen resistance will be decisive. A resistance higher than 1 Ohm will diffuse a less abundant and lighter vapour. It will be recommended for those who do not want the delivery of too much nicotine. On the contrary, if the resistance is at a low value (less than 1 Ohm), it will then not only draw more energy from the battery and cause the cigarette to lose autonomy, but it will also allow the release of an intense vapour and in amount. The more massive the cloud, the higher the rate of nicotine delivery.

  • The type of vape: you have to choose between direct and/or indirect inhalation, knowing that some boxes allow a certain versatility by offering both possibilities in a single box. The effect will not be the same if the nicotine present in the released vapour is delivered directly from the e-cigarette to the lungs, or if you allow it to pause in the mouth before the complete inhalation.