This is one of the first questions a beginner vaper asks. How do I choose the right coil for my electronic cigarette? What resistance to use to get a lot of steam? How do I make my clearomizer resistor last? Does the resistance influence the restitution of the aromas of the liquids? Which resistance value to choose according to my vape battery?

We answer all these questions in our dedicated article!

1. What is an electronic cigarette coil?

First of all, it is necessary to understand what resistance is for. The resistance is the most important part of the clearomiser. It is responsible for vaporizing the e-liquid present in the tank.

The resistance contains a value in Ohms more or less high, which will affect the sensations felt during the vape in terms of taste, the volume of vapour and sensation in the throat (the famous hit ).

Each resistance is composed of several elements:

  • A wick: generally sold in cotton but can exist in silica.
  • A resistive wire: it is made with different types of metal but it is mainly offered in kanthal. However, it is possible to obtain them in nichrome, stainless steel or titanium. It allows you to vape in temperature control while benefiting from an improved conductivity between the resistance and the battery.
  • A thread
  • Connection pads
  • A small opening for the passage of air
  • a seal

On the vape market there are different types of vaping coils:

  • The resistance in a Single coil: it is a single resistance which is integrated into the clearomizer or the atomizer of the electronic cigarette. This resistance offers a correct consumption of e-liquid while providing a very good rendering of flavours.
  • Dual coil resistor: these are two resistors mounted on a plate parallel, horizontally or vertically. This type of assembly provides more consistent heating and an effective rendering of flavours.
  • Sub-Ohm resistance: these are resistances with an impedance of less than 1 Ohm. This resistance will deliver more sustained heating and consequently a more intense steam production. Sub-ohm resistors are intended for use with specific Mods and are recommended for experienced vapers.
  • Currently, the majority of resistors are of the BCC type (Bottom Coil Changeable), that is to say interchangeable. They are easily replaceable and it is not necessary to throw away the entire clearomiser each time.

On the other hand, you should know that a resistor requires regular replacement. Find out when to change your resistance in our dedicated article.

Finally, the location of the resistance also has an impact on the sensations of vaping and the rendering of flavours obtained.

  • Location on the top: with this type of location, the steam will be hotter. It is also recommended to mount it horizontally to facilitate contact of the wicks with the liquid. In addition, resistors with too low a value are not recommended to avoid overheating the material.
  • Location on the bottom: this is the ideal location to benefit from a permanent supply between the wicks and the e-liquid. The drip tip will thus improve the diet by carrying out regular aspirations before the start of vaping.

2. How to choose the value of your ecig resistor?

To make the most of your vaping experience, it is essential to choose the coil that will be installed in the clearomizer or atomizer. Indeed, the value of the resistance chosen will have an impact on the volume of steam delivered, the temperature but also the restitution of flavours.

Warning: the greater the value in Ohms of the resistor, the lower its power, and vice versa.

Determined in Ohms, the value of a resistor can be between 0.15 Ohms and 2.5 Ohms. Normally, the resistances on sale have a value between 1.2 Ohms and 2.5 Ohms.

The choice of the value of the resistance depends on your material and your usual style of vaping. Indeed, a vape with a variable voltage does not require the same resistances as a more classic vape, as a mechanical mod will have needs other than those of an electronic mod.

  • With a conventional battery without voltage and variable wattage

It is necessary to privilege the resistances higher than 1.5 Ohm to produce a good volume of vapour, neither too dense nor too airy. We do not recommend using resistors with a lower value, otherwise, your equipment will be damaged. However, for the sake of safety, the battery normally has protection which will not accept too low a resistance.

  • With a variable voltage and wattage battery

First of all, you need to know the minimum value of the resistance accepted by your battery because it varies according to the models. The lower your resistance, the more powerful and rigorous your vape will be. Propelled vapour will be optimal and will impact battery life. Batteries with this mode of operation are equipped with protection preventing the integration of lower resistances.

  • With a Mod or an Electronic Box

Electronic mods or boxes also have protection that prevents the use of certain resistors. This type of material can be used with resistors having a very low value in Ohms (between 0.5 Ohms and 1.5 Ohms).

  • With a Mod or a Mechanical Box¬†

Unlike boxes or electronic mods, mechanical Mods and Boxes do not have protection to offer compatibility with all the coils on the market. Be careful because it is the discharge current of your battery that will determine the minimum value of your resistance.

For the sub-ohm, always favour batteries with the highest discharge current (expressed in amperes).

However, to enjoy pleasant sensations, resistors with a value between 0.5 and 0.8 Ohm will be optimal. Just as it is not recommended to use resistors with a value greater than 1.5 Ohm.

Finally, it is also possible to choose its resistance according to the desired steam temperature. Indeed, it is the value of the resistance that will bring a hot, warm or rather cold vapour.

  • For hot steam: select resistors with a value between 1.2 and 1.8 Ohms.
  • For warm vapour: choose resistors with a value between 1.8 and 2.5 Ohms.
  • For cold vapour: integrate resistors with a value between 2.2 and 2.5 Ohms.

3. What are the risks associated with the choice of resistance?

As we mentioned above, batteries or Electronic Mods generally have electronic protection that prevents the use of too low resistances, to avoid any degradation of your equipment.

It will therefore be necessary to be very vigilant with the use of low-value resistors for mechanical Mods. You must know the discharge current of your battery. As a general rule, we do not recommend using resistors lower than 0.5 Ohm.

4. What does each Ohm value mean for a resistor?

  • A resistance lower than 0.8 Ohm requires more Power (expressed in Watt).
  • A resistance higher than 1.5 Ohms requires more Voltage (expressed in Volt).
  • Adjusting the voltage or wattage affects the steam temperature.
  • The lower the resistance, the more you will stress the cotton and the resistive wire. The resistance will then have a more limited lifespan.

Warning: changing the resistance of your ecig requires following a precise process to avoid having a burnt taste during the vape.