The Cigalike looks like a traditional cigarette. Its sleek and slender construction makes it portable and easy to use. Most disposable e-cigarettes fall into this category. They are perfect for the first vaping experiences but become expensive very quickly because they have to be replaced constantly.

Then there is the vape pen which is reusable and extremely cost-effective since it offers excellent performance in terms of style and taste. It is perfect for intermediate vapers who still have little experience with vaping. Finally, there are high potency vapes. They contain larger batteries and coils, which means they can produce greater amounts of vapor for longer for regular vapers.

What are the components of the electronic cigarette?

Batteries are the powerhouse behind the e-cigarette as they provide the essential energy to heat the e-liquid. Battery size matters because larger batteries allow for longer, uninterrupted use. Rechargeable lithium batteries are usually charged via USB cables.

The batteries power the atomizer which is the part of the electronic cigarette housing the heating coil and the wick. He is directly responsible for the transformation of e-liquid into vapour. 

Indeed, the atomizer is an element made up of a resistor which, thanks to the power of the current delivered by the battery, will heat the e-liquid to cause it to evaporate. There are different types of atomizers: standard atomizers such as cartomizers or clearomizers and rebuildable atomizers.

What is e-liquid?

The e-liquid is stored in the tank until it is heated in the atomizer. The main ingredients of the e-liquid are nicotine, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin in addition to the food flavoring which helps to obtain the desired taste.

Propylene glycol is a common additive and preservative in foods. Although it offers a more intense flavor, propylene glycol produces less vapor than vegetable glycerin-based e-liquids. It should also be noted that even if propylene glycol increases the lifespan of the e-liquid, some vapers are sensitive to it or even allergic to it. It is precisely for this reason that manufacturers offer vegetable glycerin which is softer and often produces denser clouds and thicker vapours. It is 100% hypoallergenic, making it the perfect option for some vapers.

In addition, e-liquids are offered with different levels of nicotine that can range from medium density to extremely high density. There are also nicotine-free e-liquids for those who just wanted to enjoy the vaping experience unrelated to the urge to quit.

In addition, e-liquids are available in a variety of sweet, salty or even acidic flavours.