Buzz Pro E-Cigarette

Buzz Pro E-Cigarette

Buzz Pro e-cigarette is a good opportunity to smoke something very powerful. The Buzz Pro is a variable-voltage electronic cigarette with a range of 3.3 to 5.5 volts.

It achieves its high power levels by using two batteries, which is actually considered poor for safety. But no accidents were observed and reported. The ProVari, on the contrary, uses only one battery. Some consider it a good advantage, some not.

Additionally, the Buzz Pro has a much simpler design than the ProVari. It lacks its refinement and stylish outlook as well as its digital controls and LED display.

However, the Buzz Pro is marketed at a slightly lower price than the ProVari. Notcigs also produces the Infinity Pro, which possesses similar features, a different battery type and a slightly lower price with batteries and charger. While the Buzz Pro uses two 3.7 volt 650 mAh 16340 batteries, the Infinity Pro uses two 3.7 volt 650 mAh 14430 batteries.

But if a smoker is more interested in the taste and not in the fashionable design of the product, then he/she should choose this e-cigarette. Many people do care about the design but the real guru of smoking will appreciate the taste and the new e-smoking experience.