Limitless Mech Mod

Get the difference between a mechanical mod and box mod to buy vape accessories online.
Choosing a battery pack is as easy as choosing a shampoo in a store. You just need to imagine what you want from him. Here is a sample list of superpowers: inexpensive, compact, powerful, a number of settings, simple, reliable, strange.

From this list you need to select no more than three items. Well, let it be four. But no more. Setting priorities, feel free to start the search and buy vape accessories online. A box mod is a box with a built-in board and display. Inside there is a battery, either removable or built-in one. Box mods are produced in different shapes and sizes – for example, in the form of a flask. There are also “stick” format devices, in which the unit and the atomizer are integrated into one device.
The main advantage of box mod is that you control the power yourself. For this, the modes of varivolt and variwat are provided. Varivolt regulates the voltage applied to the spiral. Variwatt is a bit trickier: it allows the user to directly adjust power with respect to the resistance of the helix.
For coils of nickel, titanium and stainless steel in the box mods, a temperature control mode is provided. The user sets the desired temperature of the heating spiral, and the box mod supports it, reducing or increasing the voltage.

Box mods are protected against short circuits, improperly inserted batteries, and too low voltages. You can not be afraid that the device will explode in your hands if you insert the battery.
And one more plus – the box mod is charged like a mobile phone by using a standard charger. It is a significant advantage.
Limitless Mech Mod