Snowwolf and Sigelei are top Juul competitors

The Snowwolf Exilis X Kit is an excellent all-in-one device based on a user-friendly pod system. The e-cigarette is very compact and convinces with its low weight. The device, which is predominantly made of a resistant zinc alloy, is therefore a particularly handy solution of one of the top Juul competitors.
The Snowwolf Exilis X Set produced by one of top Juul competitors consists of a pod and the associated coils. An LED indicator tells the vaper the charge level at all times and warns in good time if the battery life is running out. Charging the battery works very easily using the micro USB socket of the mod and only takes a maximum of 90 minutes. With the Snowwolf Exilis X, the entire operation runs with the easily accessible fire button, which makes the device particularly easy for beginners.

The interchangeable Snowwolf Exilis X Pod belongs to the Snowwolf Exilis X Set. The integrated tank is refillable and offers space for up to 2.5 ml of liquid. Filling is easy and convenient thanks to the sophisticated bottom filling system. The pod works with the Snowwolf Exilis X Coils, which the vaper can easily replace if the vapor builds up over time or the taste is no longer satisfactory.
The Sigelei Odo 2 pod system produced by one of the top Juul competitors has an output power of 3.7 volts and offers its users a choice between 1.5 ohms and 1.8 ohms in terms of resistance. The device is activated via the integrated automatic train, as soon as the vaper pulls on the mouthpiece, the system starts up and immediately generates the delicious vapor. The internal sensor reacts almost without delay, so it is not necessary to press a switch on the Odo 2 Pod Kit

The interchangeable pods from the Sigelei Odo 2 Pod Kit are easily refillable. All you have to do is remove the pod from the device. The opening for filling is on the side of the pods and is secured by a rubber seal. The battery is charged via a micro USB port located on the bottom of the device. It takes approximately 60 minutes to fully charge the battery. The vaper can charge the Sigelei Odo 2 Pod Kit at any live USB port, such as a laptop or a power bank. The Sigelei Odo 2 Pod Kit has numerous security features, such as overheating protection and overcharge protection.