The E-Cigarette free trial

The E-Cigarette free trial

There are examples of a real e-cigarette free trial offer that you can sign up for right now while surfing different websites (Apollo). There links indicated on almost all specialized sites, but it wouldn’t be difficult for you to find if you wanted to.

Signing up for such offer costs not much, and, as a result, you receive a battery, an atomizer, a USB charger and two cartridges — not cartomizers, but disposable plastic e-cigarette cartridges, something few companies still market.

So, although the value of the e-cigarette kit is slightly higher than the basic fee, the fact that it uses disposable cartridges means that it probably won’t function very well — and there’s more.

A free e-cigarette may sound like just the thing when you are just eager to try a cheap way of an e-cigarette smoking, but it can end up a whole lot more expensive in the end… not to mention the time and headaches. Our best recommendations is to know that you get what you pay for.

But just be careful all the time. If it looks a bit suspicious and the offer does not make any sense to you, just leave the site and continue searching. Do not forget that there are indeed some valid free offers out there by reliable companies, but you need to do your research before providing your credit card numbers or bank information.