considering the rating of top vape flavors for e-cigarettes, we will understand that in general it is an aromatic juice liquid. It is sold in small bottles with volumes of 10ml ml to e-liquid120 ml.

There are such usual e-liquid flavors:

nicotine: these e-liquids have a smell of well-known tobacco products, including cigars;

tonic: these e-liquids are distinguished by the aromas of drinks and confectionery;


fruit and berry.

A greater part of the high-quality composition of e-cigarettes, regardless of their brand, is produced from the same e-liquid ingredients.

Most often, the evaporation liquid consists of five components:

Water. With regard to the quality of this component, there will not be much need to write about it, it’s water. True, water-to-water is different (technical or purified water), and yet most manufacturers of premium fruit juice brands produce their products on the basis of purified water in amounts of about 12% of the total liquid volume. Propylene glycol. Is distinguished by the lack of color, a slight aroma and a slight sweet taste.

Glycerin. If the best e-liquid flavor concentrate is prepared to meet all the requirements, then it should not leak and spit, being inhaled into the mouth of a vaper. It is the goal, for which the glycerin is used.

Aromatizers. This component is necessary in order to provide those most pleasant sentiments that a vaper receives during the vaping process.

If we talk about branded and quality vaping, then there are only acceptable flavors of natural origin or those, which are completely similar to them.

E-liquid nicotine. It is not present in all liquids of electronic cigarettes, since there are vape juice brands without nicotine. Many experts assure that nicotine as a vaping component is practically harmless. Nicotine is nicotine. But numerous users prefer vape juice brands without nicotine.