A better vape with a rebuildable atomizer

The technical principle of the vape is very simple. With a rebuildable atomizer, you create your assembly for a more precise and tailor-made vape for the hit and the flavours.

To access a superior quality vape perfectly adapted to your pleasure, the rebuildable atomizer reaches out to you! It will also allow you to save on consumables. The price to pay: spend time to understand the assemblies and do some DIY.

Not everyone wants to complicate their lives by fiddling around with a rebuildable atomizer, but those who have tried it rarely come back to more classic equipment even if some clearomizers now reach a quality of vape close to an atomizer. rebuildable.

The principle is simple, it’s just meticulous. The rebuildable atomizer is generally completely removable which allows you to clean it perfectly. Inside you make a resistance in which you slip a wick. To understand the principle, here is an article on the most popular assembly: the cotton micro coils.


The resistance is prepared from a coil of metal wire and the wick is a material that meets specific characteristics: cleanliness of the material, capillarity, and heat resistance. Buy these materials well in specialized shops. There are quantities of threads and different diameters (kanthal, stainless steel) as well as wick materials (cotton, silica, cellulose…), these subjects fuel endless discussions on the forums.


The advantage of the rebuildable atomizer lies in this assembly that you will do exactly as you wish: choice of materials and intensity of the resistance. You will gradually master the properties of your equipment to make the most of its performance. You can play on the intensity of the hit and the acquisition of flavours. Switching to a rebuildable atomizer can lead to a drop in nicotine levels by gaining power. And this vape allows you to discover more “technical” e-liquids with different PG/VG rates or even 100% VG which allow very large clouds!


There are two main families of rebuildable atomizers. Tanks (with reservoir) can store a good amount of liquid. And drippers for a “drip” vape.

Here is a relatively short video (not easy to find!) to show the assembly principle of a rebuildable atomizer (the one pictured on the top is a best seller).