The vapour produced by your electronic cigarette can be a source of questioning. Is e-cigarette smoke dangerous? What does it contain? How is it produced? We bring you some details in this article.

What is e-cigarette vapour?

The e-liquid contained in your e-cigarette is transformed into vapour. The battery operates the resistance which heats the e-liquid. You inhale the vapour which you then exhale into the air. The vapour you produce with your electronic cigarette looks like small clouds made up of water droplets which evaporate in a few seconds in the ambient air. The composition of the vapour of the electronic cigarette is quite similar to that of your e-liquid.

In addition to the millions of water droplets, we mainly find propylene glycol, which is a flavour enhancer, and vegetable glycerin, which allows the production of vapour, aroma and nicotine particles. Unlike traditional cigarettes, the vaper is not exposed to the same particles caused by combustion and the many toxic substances contained in a cigarette.

Does e-cigarette vapour smell?

The vapour has the same flavour as the e-liquid you are using. This smell evaporates quickly in the ambient air. Many wonders if with the electronic cigarette, it is possible to smoke inside? Be aware that the smell does not permeate into clothing or furniture. Rest assured, you can vape indoors without your room smelling of your favourite e-liquid.

The vapour from my electronic cigarette stays in the air?

The water vapour from the electronic cigarette evaporates after a few seconds. If the environment is humid, the vapour evaporates more slowly. The composition of your e-liquid also affects the evaporation time.

If the proportion of propylene glycol is higher, the vapour will be finer and will dissipate more easily. On the contrary, a higher proportion of vegetable glycerin will make a vapour thicker and evaporate more slowly.

To go further and better understand passive vaping, which is a subject underlying the questioning of the composition of electronic cigarette vapour, we invite you to consult our article: ” Passive vaping and its dangers “. 

In the meantime, good vape to all!