best vaporizers of 2018

20Vaping is the inhalation of vapor through an electronic evaporator (a cigarette). The work of the electronic cigarette is carried out on the principle of an inhaler, i.e. in the process of dragging, the liquid filled into the device turns into vapor, which looks like ordinary tobacco smoke and is exhaled by a smoker.

The vaping industry has grown strongly over the past few years. The profit of the segment is increased.
Analysis of the target audience of the liquid for vaping

Vaping is a hobby for young people (3.9% of girls and 5.6% of guys). In the US, it is allowed to vape only since the age of majority. As of today, the law prohibits the sale of liquids to minors. The initial set of the vaper is inexpensive, but for the individualization of devices and the purchase of more expensive liquids you will need money.

Vapers fall into these categories:
those who quit smoking; those who vape juice flavors with nicotine; those who just like to vape.
Those who quit smoking replace cigarettes with best vaporizers of 2018 and use liquid containing nicotine and flavorings (or only with flavors).
The second group comprises those who vaporize liquids with nicotine. These are people who switched from cigarettes to vaporizers under the influence of fashion.
The third group is people who fanate from releasing vapor. They choose vape juice brands without nicotine.

Such types of liquids for cigarettes are in great demand:
premium fruit juice brands;
cocktails and mixes of exotic berries and fruits;
tobacco aromas that from afar resemble Camel, Kent, Winston or Parliament;
caramel, nut and RedBull.
To create a successful brand of liquids for vaping, you need to analyze the preferences of customers and give them the opportunity to order vape-liquid cheap.