grizzly guru vaporizer

The dragging in vaping was called throathit (a cool sensation – effect that imitates the irritation of the larynx by the caustic elements of the analogue of burning.). Propylene glycol is completely responsible for this indicator. The more content is in the liquid, the more powerful is the dragging. In those cases, when this component by the amount considerably exceeds the amount of glycerin, the cigarette seems very strong. Fans of thrills are offered Ice blade e-liquid flavors. In such a liquid, 95% of propylene glycol accounts for only 5% of glycerol

Vapers when buying liquid in premium e-juice sale pay attention to the amount of glycerin, which is the main component in the creation of grizzly guru vaporizer. This is even more important than buying premium e-liquid cheap.

The more it is contained in e-liquid ingredients, the thicker the vapor will be. The optimal indicator is 35% with some deviation to one direction or another.

When choosing, it should be taken into account that the content of glycerol and propylene glycol is interrelated. The more vapor will be allocated; the less strong the dragging will seem. Some manufacturers offer a variant of a liquid called Velvet cloud. In its composition there is only glycerin, water and flavors

There is an opinion that it is necessary to choose exclusively natural flavors, but this is not entirely true. Both types are successfully used in food industry and cooking. The difference is in the way of obtaining:

Natural flavor is an essential oil, essence or extract, which is obtained by processing of any natural product (for example, lemon, and mint). The disadvantage of this type of flavors is a limited choice, as some tastes cannot be obtained in this way.

Artificial flavor is a substance obtained during the synthesis and analysis of other substances.