Can e-liquids be organic?

Organic has become a major concern. Starting from the food industry, it now affects all sectors, and the e-liquid sector is no exception!

What is organic? can an e-liquid be? What are the alternatives?

The organic trend

In recent years, organic has experienced a meteoric rise and is now a trend, an essential mode of consumption: in fact, organic consumption has doubled in 5 years!*

This trend has been reinforced by the health crisis, which has placed issues relating to well-being and health expectations. Organic has therefore become more than a fad, but a mode of consumption in its own right.

This interest has enabled brands and companies to diversify their offers with new products that are more respectful and in line with new environmental concerns… And it is also a concern for e-liquid manufacturers!

Can an e-liquid be organic?

Before looking into this question, it is important to ask yourself what would make an organic e-liquid.

For a product to be certified organic, it must:

– Contain only ingredients from organic farming

– Have undergone or included the chemical transformation

Now that we know these two principles, let’s look at the elements that make up an e-liquid. To start, an e-liquid has two main ingredients:

– Vegetable glycerin

– Propylene glycol

Vegetable glycerin is, historically, the most important element in the composition of an e-liquid: of natural origin, it is a very viscous and odourless liquid with sweetening power, and it is often used in the pharmaceutical industry. and agri-food.

For the vape, the vegetable glycerin softens the feeling in the throat and also serves to produce a lot of vapour.

Propylene glycol is produced both from a chemical process and from raw materials of vegetable origin ( Mono Propylene Glycol Végétal ). It complements vegetable glycerin to accentuate the feeling in the throat and the intensity of the aromas. It is essential in the composition of an e-liquid because it restores the sensations of a cigarette (essential for a smoker who quits smoking and switches to vaping ).

Then come to the aromas, which can be natural because they come from plant materials, just like nicotine.

With the list of these components, we understand very quickly that the manufacture of organic e-liquids, natural e-liquids or vegetable e-liquids is far from being easy!

Even if they cannot be 100% organic, there are nevertheless alternative ranges containing less irritating products.