The electronic cigarette has been greatly democratized in recent years. The choice of models is vast and navigating through them is not always easy. The seller will ask you a whole bunch of questions to which you will not have an answer.

You want to get into the electronic cigarette, but the terms clearomizer, mod or drip-tip are unknown to you? Do not panic. Read this little user guide for electronic cigarettes and you will have the answers to all the questions you will be asked.

Anatomy of the electronic cigarette

The principle of the electronic cigarette is simple. A resistance powered by a battery will heat and vaporize a liquid that you will suck. There are therefore two main “blocks”: the battery and the clearomiser, which consists of a plate with a resistance, a reservoir, a cap and a drip-tip (the tip through which you aspire).

The goal is to have a quality “hit”, that is to say, to feel the smoke pass through the throat, as with a real cigarette. Battery resistance and power are the two main things to consider when investing.

Clearomizer or rebuildable atomizer?

On the clearomiser, the resistances sold are pre-assembled whereas, on the reconstructable atomiser, you can redo them yourself and therefore save money. The clearomiser is reserved for beginner vapers.

With a rebuildable atomizer, you can redo your coil yourself with wire and a consumable (mesh, cotton or silica). We can therefore go from a single to dual coil assembly, that is to say from one to two resistors. In the long term, the rebuildable atomizer is more economical, but it is reserved for DIYers.

Mechanical mod or electronic mod?

If you want a quality battery, invest in a mod. You have two choices: electronic or mechanical mod. The electronic mod has a chip that will allow you to play on the voltage or the wattage. We, therefore, have an equivalent quality of vape, regardless of the resistance used. This type of mod is simple to use and is aimed at beginners.

The mechanical mod is reserved for experienced DIYers. There is no electronic circuit to regulate the voltage, nor any circuit breaker system. It is, therefore, necessary to know about it to vape in complete safety. They work with a battery and have a much longer lifespan than electronic mods.

What are the qualities of a good mod?

If you’re a beginner, chances are you’ll opt for an electronic mod.

Some models offer a sub-ohm mode that will guarantee you both a huge cloud of vapour and optimal flavour. The principle is simple: by reducing the resistance to less than 1 ohm while maintaining high power, the coil heats up very quickly, which allows you to spit out large clouds of vapour.