eFox eCigs

eFox eCigs

The initial e-cigarette kit from eFox is based on the 510 e-cigarette, a model that has been marketed for longer than four years an ordinary smoker may be using e-cigarettes.

Although one might suppose that such an old e-cigarette model would be not interesting for consumer, the fact is that the 510 model is still occupying the top performing “mini” e-cigarette models in the market. The various 510 e-cigarette kits from eFox start at reasonable price, and every kit includes a carrying case or portable battery charging case.

For the e-smokers who already have mini e-cigarettes and need better battery life, eFox also offers eGo e-cigarette kits with 900 mAh batteries. These kits start at better price one can imagine. While these cost less than the 510 kits, they’re also more modest in design; the kit includes just a battery, clearomizer and chargers. You’ll need to own your own e-liquid.

Although eFox eCigs prices its products in the “budget” range, their warranty coverage generally wins the competition. Several companies offer a money back guarantee for those unsatisfied clients with the products they purchase, and the eFox six-month warranty is surpassed only by the lifetime warranty offered by V2 Cigs, the company that is typically recommended for beginners.

The other differences are that V2’s e-cigarettes generally cost more expensive, and they use KR-808 rather than 510 batteries. The KR-808 functions at a slightly higher voltage for increased vapor generation and is about to last a bit longer on a full charge.