Halo Triton Review

Halo Triton Review

It is known that cartomizer tanks tend to mute flavors. They’re so large that, by design, there’s quite a bit of spece between your mouth and the heating element that generates vapor.

In order to create the best impression of the given product, smokers fill the two cartomizer tanks with strongly flavored e-liquids — Alien Visions Boba’s Bounty and Halo’s own Midnight Apple. Experienced smokers may give Halo Triton two very serious compliments; first, the small 650 mAh batteries last far longer than it could be expected.

In occasional use, it took days to drain them. If compared to the cartomizers one is accustomed to, the tank cartomizers included with the Halo Triton use power very effectively. That is why; it is logically, that even many heavy smokers won’t feel the need to upgrade to larger batteries.

People appreciate how easy the tank cartomizers are to fill. For example, it have always seemed to be strange to fill the tank cartomizer included with the Volcano Inferno; you have to fill the cartomizer fully with a syringe before loading the tank, or e-liquid won’t feed from the tank to the cartomizer. After you’ve finished with that, the cartomizer will only last a few weeks before you’ll have to repeat the procedure with a new cartomizer.

With the Halo Triton, removing the mouthpiece and filling the tank directly makes for a far more user-friendly experience — and what is the most important neither of Halo Triton tanks has leaked even one drop of e-liquid.