heets uk

We have created special heets UK special purchase procedure for the UK consumers who switch to the Heets. After ordering via the Internet, within 10 minutes our operator will contact you and clarify the order information. If the entered and confirmed data do not match, our company has the right to refuse delivery to the specified address.

If you are a registered user of our website or indicated your e-mail when ordering, within 1 minute you will receive detailed information about the completed order by e-mail. This is our special heets UK purchase procedure.

In the case of a systematic violation of the rules of the purchase or refusals of the purchase, our company has the right to add this customer to the “black list” for delivery. If you were blocked for delivery, you can still order, but on the terms that you pay for purchases in our store, picking up the order yourself. To unblock you for delivery, you must make at least 3 orders without violating the terms of this agreement.

If our operators did not contact you within 10 minutes (due to incorrect data entry, etc.), we recommend that you yourself call the phone number indicated in the message sent to your e-mail address and check the status of your order. That is our special heets UK purchase procedure.

Delivery times on different days may vary by time.

If pre-ordered in more than 2 hours, delivery will be carried out on time!

If you want to receive your order in the evening at the indicated time, you can make the order at any time convenient for you throughout the day.

If you change your mind about making a purchase, decide to deliver to another address, or decide to change the delivery time or visit our store, no later than 20 minutes after ordering, you should inform the operator about this, giving your name and order number, indicating all changes in order.

If you ordered through our website, but decided to pick it yourself on the way home, consider the opening hours of our store.