juul pods 5% uk

juul pods 5% ukHey, we will have a review of Juul pods 5% UK tastes.

Special juul pods 5% uk tastes include the aromas of the special pods for Juul.

These are Salteez Pods – Blue Razz Gummy

Blue Razz Gummy from Salteez Pods is a favorite sweet and sour candy with a blue tint of raspberry.

1 ml of liquid in each pod (4 pods per pack)

5% strength of a single pod

Approximately 250 puffs per pod.

This item is compatible with JUUL.

4x Empty Pods Refillable ink cartridge for Juul 1ml.

4x Empty Pods is a fully refillable cartridge for Juul. If you already have the standard Juul Pods tastes or you have your favorite liquid on the salt nicotine you want to vape on your Juul, then 4x Empty Pods is exactly what you need.

It’s very simple, remove the top cap, open the holes, fill up the fluid and collect your cartridge. That’s it, it’s ready for soaring.

This pod is designed for 4 high-grade refills, which can greatly save your costs compared to the original cartridges.

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