Juul pods 5 strength is sufficient for even skillful smokers who wish to try JUUL

Juul pods 5 strengthThe juul pods 5 strength is based on approximately 0.7 ml with 5% nicotine content.

The appearance of an electronic cigarette freed smokers from fear for their health, but the first samples of these devices were far from ideal and did not guarantee complete security. In addition, it was often the case that the transition from a normal cigarette to an electronic cigarette was accompanied in a person by “nicotine breaking”.

The situation radically changed in 2015, when the company JUUL Labs offered to the attention of smokers the fluids for the pod system significantly modernized and improved, with Juul pods 5 strength.

The main advantage of the new pod systems is to help reduce nicotine addiction – due to the fact that as a result of heating the saline liquid nicotine enters the bloodstream much faster, it takes about 27 seconds – against 60s, as in early models of electronic cigarettes, the body is saturated with this substance much faster . Accordingly, chemical receptors are triggered, and a signal is sent to the human brain that nicotine is sufficient. As a result, it consumes it much less, gradually weaning at the same time from addiction – because the need for nicotine, thanks to the use of the vape pod system, is reduced, and this happens quite quickly! What other advantages does the pod vape system have?

Every day this smoking device becomes more and more popular, and it is not surprising, because users could appreciate the new pod systems offered by it: Convenient operation. By itself, the process of extracting nicotine salts from liquid for the pod system does not imply significant heating. This, in turn, explains the absence of the need to use high-capacity power sources, developing a power of about 300 watts. It is not difficult to guess that these technical features of the pod vape system greatly simplify its use. Profitable price. Now you can buy a pod system quite inexpensive! Even a person who has never tried regular cigarettes can buy a pod system and use it without harm to health. The Juul pods 5 strength is sufficient for even skillful smokers who wish to try JUUL.