How and when to fill an electronic cigarette?

E-cigarettes are equipped with a tank that holds the e-liquid. It is the evaporation of the latter that will allow the device to release vapour to be inhaled from your vaper. Said vapour is flavoured and its flavour depends on the flavour chosen. But then, when to fill your electronic cigarette? When the level of e-liquid is too low, the wick is no longer soaked enough and its heating will give a burnt taste. To avoid this, fill the tank of your vaporizer as soon as the level is too low. Here’s how.

Get to know electronic cigarettes

If you are new to vaping, you should understand the general mechanism of the device before filling an electronic cigarette.

The device consists of a battery that heats the resistance of your vaper. This then heats the wick soaked in e-liquid. Said wick is attached to the resistance, but its other end plunges into the e-liquid reservoir. When the soaked wick is heated, it gives off steam. The latter circulates through the chimney to reach the drip tip. It is at this level that the vaper will inhale it. 

Fill the tank with e-liquid

To know how to fill an electronic cigarette, you must first determine what type of clearomizer you have. As a general rule, all clearomizers have a transparent body that allows you to quickly check the amount of liquid. It then becomes easy to fill the tank of an electronic cigarette as soon as the liquid level is too low.

For additional information, the clearomizer does not only consist of the tank. This part of the e-cigarette also consists of the resistance and the mouthpiece, the drip tip. The tank of a vape is placed between the two. During filling, you must then either unscrew the base (bottom filling) or the top cap (top filling). Let’s see together how to refill the liquid of an electronic cigarette.

This filling channel is common to all old clearomizers. To get it right, follow these steps:

  • Unscrew the battery to separate it from the rest of the electronic cigarette. Remember that the battery follows the clearomiser, so for more practicality, it must first be removed
  • Turn the clearomiser upside down. Unscrew the base of the clearomiser: this is the part that is connected to the battery and which is placed between the latter and the resistance. Put this base on a paper towel to avoid getting liquid everywhere 😉
  • Fill the tank with e-liquid: once the base is removed, you have access to the tank. Attention, in the centre of this vial, you see a small hollow tube: it is the chimney. That is to say, the circuit that the vapour produced takes to rise to the mouthpiece. When you pour the liquid, it is very important not to put any in this tube, but only outside. Moreover, the level of liquid poured must not exceed the top of this tube
  • Reassemble the base of the clearomizer on your vape
  • Reassemble the battery then return your e-cigarette. And you’re ready to vape again!

 For more convenience, you can also remove the drip tip after unscrewing the battery. This allows you to lay the clearomizer flat on the table while filling. You then just have to reassemble it once the base and the battery are put back in place.

It is a more convenient and easier filling way. It is found on more modern clearomizers. To add liquid, it is not necessary to remove the battery or the box. However, care must be taken to switch off the device before filling, if you are afraid of inadvertently pressing the button on your vape. If you prefer, you can still unscrew the clearomiser from your box or battery. This will also ensure that there is no flow of liquid towards the electronic elements of the device.

For the top filling, here are the steps to follow:

  • First, close the air inlets if they are located at the bottom of the clearomiser. This gesture is important because it will avoid small leaks at the level of these holes when you reassemble the device.
  • Unscrew the top cap of the clearomiser: it is the part which is above the tank and which separates the latter from the drip tip
  • Fill the tank, taking care not to put any in the chimney tube
  • Screw the top cap back on and reassemble your electronic cigarette if you have removed the battery.

It should be noted that, on the most recent vape clearomizers, the top cap is in sliding mode. In this case, it will not be necessary to unscrew it, but only to slide it to access the tank. It only remains to fill the tank via the small hole intended for this purpose. The advantage is that there is no risk of putting liquid in the chimney since the hole gives only to the tank.

 Fill an e-cigarette with an interchangeable tank

There are indeed electronic cigarettes for which the tanks are internal and interchangeable. These are then considered cartridges which must then be replaced when they are empty.

The advantage of this system is that the replacement is done quickly. In addition, it is possible to change the flavour of e-liquid when desired, without having to clean the tank. 

Filling up a brand new e-cigarette

If you have just purchased your e-cigarette and are filling it for the first time, the first step in the filling is to soak the cotton wick. Proper priming of your new electronic cigarette is important. To do this, take your device and your vaping liquid refill. Then locate the small holes located on the resistance revealing the wick. Pour a few drops of liquid on it to wet the wick. Once this operation is done, fill your vape tank according to the techniques mentioned above.

By soaking the wick in advance, the absorption will be faster and you will be able to savour the flavour released from the first puff.