Which e-liquid to choose for an electronic cigarette?

Whether you are new to vaping or planning to start, this section is made to guide you and advise you in your choice to know how to choose your e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. And that, whether you choose a vaporizer liquid refill with nicotine or without nicotine.  

To begin with, an e-cigarette liquid is a vaping product that powers the e-cigarette. It is when heated that it turns into steam. There is no combustion unlike the cigarette, one could almost say that for once there is “smoke” without fire.

Generally presented in vials of 10 ml or 30 to 50 ml, the electronic cigarette product consists of a base and one or more flavours.

How to choose your nicotine level?

There are equivalences between the consumption of tobacco and that of an electronic cigarette liquid. Here is an indication of the nicotine levels according to the type of cigarettes:

  • 0 mg/ml = without nicotine
  • between 1 and 6 mg/ml = light cigarettes
  • between 7 and 12 mg/ml = medium cigarettes
  • between 13 and 20 mg/ml = strong cigarettes

It is important to know how to choose your electronic cigarette e-liquid, if you are a smoker, it is also the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. Because depending on the number and type of cigarettes, you consume a certain amount of nicotine. For example, a person who smokes a lot of light cigarettes can consume as much nicotine as a person who smokes a few strong cigarettes.

Here is a correspondence between the number of cigarettes and the nicotine level of a  liquid vaporizer refill  :

  • more than 15 cigarettes/day: 15 to 18 mg/mL
  • between 10 and 15 cigarettes/day: 12 mg/mL
  • between 5 and 10 cigarettes/day: 6 mg/mL
  • less than 5 cigarettes/day: 3 mg/mL or less

When nicotine is consumed by inhalation in the form of vapour or smoke, it triggers a contraction of the pharynx, which the smoker also seeks. 

How to choose your PG / VG rate?

PG/VG are the 2 basic elements of an electronic cigarette product. These are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a fairly fluid element, it easily impregnates the cotton wicks that serve as a support for the electronic cigarette liquid. Propylene Glycol is ideal for expressing all aromas. It is generally derived from carbochemistry, and there are also some of vegetable origin. It is used in the pharmaceutical, agricultural and food fields.

It tends to give more hits to the e-liquid. It produces steam, but not significantly. It is recommended to vape e-liquids with fruity or tobacco aromas. 

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a vicious element, so thick, that it slowly permeates the cotton. Its main asset is the production of steam. It creates a dense and persistent vapour.

The choice of electronic cigarette products reflects taste tastes quite well.

When it is possible to stay abroad, we discover new dishes, desserts and drinks and even if we do not always understand what comes out of the mouths of the inhabitants, we understand more what they like to put there, and it is possible even to appreciate the characteristics of these dishes as much as they do.

For vaporizer e-liquids, it is the same except that you can receive them at home, without moving.

Now you know how to choose your electronic cigarette e-liquid.