How to customize your e-cigarette?

In the world of electronic cigarettes, there are 2 schools. Vapers and discreet vapers and those who like to display a flamboyant and original set-up. Even if the main thing is to have an effective electronic cigarette which corresponds to his expectations, we can now afford to have, in addition, a designer vaper that appeals to us aesthetically. If at the beginning of the vape, it must be admitted, the kits were rather sad, they had the merit of having allowed many smokers to quit smoking. With the democratization and explosion of the electronic cigarette market, manufacturers have regularly shown originality and creativity. Only, if you are one of those who do not like to do like everyone else or who get angry when their neighbour on the terrace comes out with the same set-up, then customizing your electronic cigarette is the solution that awaits you. 

We’ve explored several ways to make and get a custom vape that will look just like you and you alone. Whether you want to repaint your electronic cigarette, personalize it with a photo or even make your electronic cigarette, find out here how to customize your vape with the ideal decor!

Customize your vaper with stickers:

Very common practice a few years ago, electronic cigarette stickers were a cheap and popular way to personalize your electronic cigarette. You had the choice between floral motifs, tobacco leaves or even winged skulls. If electronic cigarette manufacturers have abandoned this practice, you can personalize your electronic vape with decoration using classic stickers. If you are the queen or the king of masking, applying stickers to your mod will be easy! However, this personalization technique has its limits because, in use, the stickers risk suffering from the many manipulations that the electronic boxes undergo.

Personalize your vaper with engravings, sequins, and photos:

Craftsmen offer to push the personalization of your electronic cigarette thanks to the affixing of engravings or photos. Whether you want to put a sentence that is close to your heart or a photo that will make you smile with every puff, everything is possible. The materials that make up the electronic boxes allow this type of customization. The stainless steel, the aluminium alloy make it possible to have a surface that can accommodate personalized stickers or undergo the engraving of various patterns. If you’re a fan of homemade and you have gold in your fingers, nothing prevents you from applying sequins, sequins, and cogs for a Steampunk effect let your imagination run wild! Some vapers and vapers also use engraving and polishing to customize their electronic vaper. It is therefore of course possible to repaint your electronic cigarette. Just be careful not to degrade your box or your mod with corrosive or too abrasive products to maintain their integrity and safety.

Customize your electronic cigarette with a vape band or battery wraps:

Do you want a discreet electronic cigarette decoration? Adding a vape band can not only add some whimsy to your set-up but also give it extra security. These silicone rings are available in several sizes and colours. In the event of a fall, many vape bands have managed to save tanks from clearomizers. 

If you want to customize your 18650, 20700 or 21700 batteries, this is also possible. In addition to allowing you to refurbish the wrap of your batteries if they are damaged, this will allow you to differentiate them. Changing a wrap is much easier than it looks.