By deciding to vape, you have made the right choice. Indeed, compared to the classic cigarette, the electronic cigarette is much less harmful to your health and that of your entourage. In addition, it saves you a lot of money throughout the year by reducing your tobacco consumption. However, even if you are aware of the multiple benefits of this alternative, you still need to know how to complete it, especially if it is your first time using it. Moreover, note that the filling of the tank of your e-cigarette varies according to the model of the clearomizer. However, before using it, it is still important to know how it works. Immediate details.

How does an electronic cigarette work?

When a smoker chooses an e-cigarette, he may forget to ask his supplier how to use it. However, like all other electronic devices, the vape has a user manual. However, be aware that it is not very difficult to learn how it works. Indeed, it only includes three essential elements to know: a battery, a clearomizer and a drip-tip.

The role of the battery is obviously to provide the energy necessary to heat the resistance of the electronic cigarette. Thus, when it is flat, simply recharge it with the USB adapter that comes with it.

Regarding the clearomiser, it is a small tank which is intended to store the e-liquid of your electronic cigarette. It contains a resistance that allows the device to produce steam and therefore operate. In this regard, when you feel that the vapour coming out of your e-cigarette has a burnt taste or if you can no longer draw in enough, it means that you must replace your clearomiser.

As for the drip-dip or the mouthpiece, it is quite simple thanks to it that you can inhale the steam that escapes from your vape. To ensure its maintenance, you must clean it regularly with a piece of paper tissue or a paper towel (read our article:  cleaning your electronic cigarette ).

When it comes to operating your vape for the first time, start by activating it. To do this, press the button quickly five times. If you see a flash afterwards, it means that your electronic cigarette has taken your command into account. You must then hold the same button down when you draw in the steam, then release it.

How to fill an e-cigarette with a bottom filling clearomiser?

All old models of clearomisers are filled from the bottom or from the part that is connected to the battery. So, to pour e-liquid into this type of tank, you must go through the following steps:

  • Unscrew the battery to temporarily detach it from the rest of the electronic cigarette
  • Unscrew the base of the clearomizer and place it on a paper towel to prevent e-liquid from spreading everywhere
  • Fill e-liquid into the tank: In the centre of the tank, you can see a tiny hollow tube called a “chimney”. When filling, you should not put any liquid in it.
  • Put the base of the clearomizer and the battery back in their place

Moreover, if your electronic cigarette is still brand new, it is essential to prime it well. This is to make sure it works properly. To do this, you must locate the small holes that are located on the resistance and on which it is possible to see a cotton wick. Then, soak this wick with e-liquid.

How to fill a vape equipped with a top filling clearomiser?

For newer e-cigarettes, most are equipped with a top fill clearomizer model. This new version is more practical and easily prevents leaks. In addition, it is easy to fill compared to the bottom filling clearomiser. It is not essential to remove the battery.

To fill e-liquid into your tank, here are the steps to follow:

  • If the air inlets are at the bottom of the clearomiser, start by closing them. This is necessary so that there are no leaks during filling.
  • Slide the top cap of the clearomiser to access the reservoir.
  • Fill the e-liquid into the tank while avoiding putting it in the chimney.
  • Replace the top cap.

What about electronic cigarettes with a particular clearomiser?

There are vapers with a battery and a tank that are inseparable. For most of them, the filling of the tank is done from the top. In addition, some e-cigarettes have an internal and interchangeable tank. This reservoir is considered a cartridge that must be changed when it is empty. The advantage of this type of tank is that you no longer need to clean it because you will replace it when it becomes unusable.