The pod format is another form of electronic cigarette that should not be taken lightly, especially for a beginner. Before going further in this guide, know that this type of e-cigarette is recommended for moderate smokers. In addition, the product is very easy to use while guaranteeing an important feeling of pleasure with each vaping.

The basic components of a pod electronic cigarette

Generally, the proper functioning of an electronic pod e-cigarette depends on two elements which are the battery and the cartridge. It is for this reason that you should inform yourself about these two elements.

  • The cartridge: since the cartridge contains the tank and the resistance. It is recommended that you carefully choose the model you will need. This allows the e-liquid to be properly heated each time you vape. Note that the cartridge is an interchangeable and disposable element at the same time. Additionally, you can choose a pre-populated template if you wish.
  • The battery: small in size, the battery always provides the energy and autonomy necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the e-cigarette. In the majority of cases, this element occupies a large part of the entire product. A power cord and a micro-USB port are enough to recharge the battery instead of throwing it away. A good battery always has a long life, regardless of the conditions of use of the e-cigarette.

E-cigarette pod: how it works

The functioning of a pod electronic cigarette is based above all on the association of the battery with the cartridge. This does not require any particular knowledge in the field of vaping. The e-liquid will be heated little by little while providing the vapour and the feeling you are looking for. 

To go further, the equipment is generally equipped with a “chipset” which forms an electronic circuit inside. This element is used to regulate the current produced by the battery to correctly supply the resistance of the cartridge.

On the other hand, a  pod e-cigarette offers two vaping trigger modes. The first option is through suction at the mouthpiece. Thus, steam will be produced automatically. There is also button firing which is where you have to press the on button to produce steam. Note that the same button is used to turn the equipment on and off.

What is a pod electronic cigarette?

Also known as a “Pod Mod”, this type of e-cigarette is known for its practicality as well as its compactness. The product is generally equipped with a disposable cartridge which serves the same time as resistance and as an e-liquid reservoir. This technology is mainly recommended for small and medium smokers. This results in the fact that the product can offer the same sensations as when smoking standard cigarettes. In addition, this type of e-cigarette is appreciated for the absence of adjustment while guaranteeing good autonomy.

In addition, experienced vapers looking for efficient and easy-to-use equipment can also purchase an electronic cigarette in pod format. In this way, you will feel a lot of pleasure with each vaping. Just find the e-liquid that suits you to take full advantage of the equipment. This type of e-cigarette generally releases less vapour than the other formats (tube and box). For more pleasure, just choose a model with direct inhalation. 

What type of pod cigarette for each vaper?

The current market offers several types of electronic cigarettes in pod format. First, there is the sealed cartridge model which is pre-filled with e-liquid. The only manipulation you need to do with the product is to replace the cartridge when it is empty. Thus, it is recommended that you ask for the flavour of the e-liquid in the product before validating the purchase.

You could also opt for a model with a refillable cartridge. For this option, you will be free to choose the e-liquid you want to use the first time. Simply unclip the cartridge from the battery to fill it. Also, the cartridge can be replaced when you start to smell a burnt taste. It could also be that the flavour of the liquid is no longer the same.

The last option is the changeable resistance pod. Here you will be required to replace this element once it reaches its limit. This does not require you to change the cartridge to save money.

The criteria for choosing an e-cigarette pod

The choice of a pod electronic cigarette starts with the autonomy it can offer you. It also depends on the use of the product. Indeed, you will need power greater than 800 mAh if you intend to use it intensively. In addition, a model between 400 and 800 mAh is sufficient for regular use. As for one-time vaping, you can choose a pod below 400mAh. Take note that the value of the resistance can also determine the battery life of the product.

The type of vape possible with the pod is also to be taken into account. Know that you don’t have to limit yourself to a tight draw and an indirect inhale. Don’t hesitate to choose a model with adjustable ventilation. This allows you to choose the draw that suits you best. Remember to determine the type of cartridge you want to use to get an electronic cigarette that suits your needs.

Choosing an e-liquid for an electronic cigarette pod

The choice of e-liquid for a pod cigarette depends on two criteria starting with the PG/VG rate. The best option is to choose a bottle with at least 50% PG (propylene glycol). Remember to read the presentation sheet of the e-liquid before confirming your choice.

You should also check the nicotine level in the e-liquid you plan to buy. For a beginner, it is more advantageous to choose a quantity of nicotine higher than 12 mg/ml. Remember that a pod electronic cigarette can be adapted with CBD e-liquids as well as nicotine salts.