IQOS HEETS Bronze sticks by Philip Morris are made of high quality compressed tobacco. The tobacco blends of IQOS HEETS Bronze Label varieties offer the authentic tobacco flavor. When the tobacco is heated in the IQOS Holder, the nicotine-containing aerosol unfolds. The inhalation takes place, similar to a classic cigarette, over the filter of the tobacco stick.

HEETS Bronze Selection will convince you if you stand on a note of fruit and mocha. There is also an aromatic, full-bodied taste.

For better orientation, the IQOS HEETS Bronze Stick has a silver line for insertion into the Holder of the IQOS E-Cigarette. It shows exactly how deep the IQOS HEETS Bronze Label Stick is in the Holder. After about 14 moves within 6 minutes, the LED light in the IQOS e-cigarette changes from green to orange. In the next 30 seconds then remain two more moves until the IQOS e-cigarette automatically shuts off.

If you order IQOS HEETS Bronze Sticks in our online store, we will hand over the goods to our shipping service provider on the same day. Thus, the order will be with you as soon as possible. For mixed orders, including non-express items, normal delivery times apply.

And some words about the IQOS HEETS Bronze Label sticks in common.

These tobacco sticks are specially developed for Philip Morris.

To heat the tobacco sticks, the IQOS Holder is necessary. During consumption, the tobacco stick is heated to about 300 degrees. Since it does not burn, no ash is produced and the tobacco stick can then be disposed of with household waste. The nicotine content of a tobacco stick is comparable to that of a conventional cigarette.

IQOS was designed so that a Tobacco Stick can be consumed for about six minutes or 14 puffs without burning the tobacco.

One container contains 10 packs, equivalent to 200 Tobacco Sticks of the Bronze Label variant.

The taste of the different variants is released by the IQOS Holder.


Without any IQOS Holder, the tobacco sticks do not have to be used.