iQos Heets Purple

The total gadgetization is gradually sweeping the world. People are increasingly choosing devices that make their lives easier. This trend has not been omitted by tobacco companies.

Many users of tobacco heating systems or those who are going to get them are interested in the tastes that tobacco sticks offer. Everything is quite simple, since today IQOS cooperates with only one manufacturer. In many stores you can find Heets products. Previously, there were other sticks from the company, but their production was discontinued, since Heets completely satisfies the wishes of consumers.

Not all the heets are the same. Consumers prefer heets of different strengths and with different flavor characteristics. The goal of tobacco producers is to deeply examine the preferences of adult smokers and create products that will best meet consumer demands and quality standards. And IQOS Heets Purple meets these expectations and aspirations.

The main advantage of IQOS Heets Purple is the ease of use. Insert the stick, press the button (there is only one), wait 40 seconds and enjoy the taste. IQOS devise is very compact, so it fits in your purse without any problems. And you can use it almost anywhere without creating discomfort for others.

HEETS made for IQOS mean a rich variety of tastes that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet.

HEETS are a totally better approach to appreciate tobacco. Made from the finest leaf and delivered into little sticks, they open up a entire modern world of taste and aroma.

Purple Label flavor may be a tobacco mix with blueberry taste, wild herb and a slight menthol notes. The aroma attracts with its pleasantness and lightness.

IQOS Heets Purple indicates ideal berry tastes.

Thus, together with IQOS you can enjoy the pure taste of tobacco with a minimum amount of smoke. IQOS consists of a charger and a special holder where sticks are inserted.

Thanks to IQOS you will no longer experience inconvenience. You can use the tobacco heating system anywhere, because the unpleasant smell, which can not be avoided with classical smoking, is simply absent here. You will notice that your clothes, fingers, hair no longer smell.