Summary of the most popular Juul competitors vape devices

SMOK Novo is one of the most popular Juul competitors vape devices.
SMOK Novo kit consists of a built-in 450 mah battery and a 2 ml ml tank.
The Novo kit by SMOK starter kit is available in 8 colors – black, white, red, rainbow, blue, green, pink, gray. The dimensions are as follows 88 mm x 24 mm x 14 mm.
The main features of Novo Kit are small size, automatic inclusion when tightening, the absence of control buttons and a screen, a cartridge with a horizontal spiral arrangement, a stylishly designed case.

The case, in the shape of a parallelepiped, is covered with a pattern that imitates the cobra skin, which is so reverently loved by the Smok design department, additionally painted in eight shades: black, red, white, rainbow, pink, blue, blue, green.
The side faces are covered with a chrome strip that connects in a circle under the cartridge. From above everything is varnished to shine. The style characteristic of this manufacturer, but it looks, really, is not bad.
Innokin EQs Kit is another one of the most popular Juul competitors vape devices.
Nicotine Delivery System in pod format. Innokin is a company with a history that began at the dawn of the vape industry, back in 2011. Their products have always been in demand in the community of lovers of vapor, because it is distinguished by high quality workmanship, interesting, sometimes unusual innovative solutions, which often become a trend.

It is aimed at users trying to quit smoking, switching to alternative methods of saturation with nicotine. It can be used both by supporters of liquids on salt nicotine, and in the environment of those who prefer liquids on ordinary nicotine of high concentration.
Vape SMOK Mico Resin AIO is one of the most popular Juul competitors vape devices. This is a small mod with a built-in 700 mAh battery. You can choose from several bright color options. The device is activated when tightened, but a lever is provided for locking during transportation. The battery charge level is indicated by the LED, lighting up in different colors in accordance with the residual charge.
The 1.7 ml cartridge is recessed into the battery to avoid leaks. But on the case, there is a small window to control the liquid level. The manufacturer provided for the possibility of using several types of cartridges that differ in the sensations during vaping.