The new trendy products of Juul competitors

Juul competitorsSmok, Voopoo and Woody Vapes are skillful Juul competitors.
We present a review of their latest product issues.
The Nord 2 Kit is an updated version of the pod system from Smok. The manufacturer has been on the market for vaping devices for a long time, its products are in constant demand, it is engaged in the independent development, design, production and promotion of alternative nicotine delivery devices, electronic cigarette modifications. It has an extensive showcase of marketable products, its own unique success story as one of the most advanced Juul competitors.

The kit is a compact pod system designed for beginners seeking to quit smoking using modern nicotine delivery systems. Users with experience interested in a convenient and compact kit for use outside the home should also take a closer look.

The Nord 2 Kit, in comparison with the previous version, has become more versatile, convenient to use, while retaining almost the same dimensions. It has a more powerful built-in battery, increased cartridge capacity, output power, increased current transmitted by built-in charging. At the same time, the weight of the assembled kit even decreased by 1 gram. A trifle, but yet….
Voopoo and Woody Vapes are Juul competitors that commonly produce the VooPoo Vinci AIR Pod Mod Kit. This is a lightweight, sophisticated device designed for use with liquids based on traditional or nicotine saline. Targeted by new users interested in alternative nicotine delivery methods.

The kit is part of a series of compact devices for beginners, united by the common name Vinci, the manufacturer is VooPoo. The name AIR emphasizes the fact that the device has become thinner and lighter than the pioneer of the Vinci Pod line.
Key Features of the Vinci AIR Kit are compact size; power activation in manual or automatic mode; built-in battery; innovative electronic control chip; light weight; rapid change in airflow intensity; replaceable evaporators; one-button control; display of relevant information about the work on the screen.
Vinci AIR Pod Mod Kit Device as a result of activity of two advanced Juul competitors, Voopoo and Woody Vapes.
The kit consists of a battery equipped with a sufficiently capacious battery and a detachable cartridge.