What is More Harmful Tobacco Cigarette or E-Cigarette?

More Harmful Tobacco Cigarette or E-Cigarette

Many people mistakenly believe that electronic cigarettes are dangerous to health – this statement is true to say wrong. Electronic cigarettes do not fall under the smoking ban, so popular in some European countries, United States and China.

Opinions about electronic cigarettes are very different, as from doctors and from ordinary people on forums, they converge on the main opinion that smoking electronic cigarettes is hundreds of times less harmful than regular cigarettes and other tobacco products. Since smoking is nicotine dependency, but while smoking tobacco cigarettes, we bring with tobacco smoke in your body over 400 harmful substances (tar, carcinogens, acid, etc.) this substances destroy our bodies and can lead to a large number of diseases including cancer.

Smoking electronic cigarettes simply satisfies the need of our body in nicotine and completely replace regular cigarettes. Another very significant advantage of electronic cigarettes is their taste (aftertaste) while vaping, it is comparable with hookah smoking and is very different from the taste of the unpleasant taste that occurs after smoking tobacco cigarettes. Of course the fact that electronic cigarettes are also harmful, it’s certainly clear. We absorb nicotine while vaping also as normal smoking, but! the harm from vaping is hundreds of times less, than the harm we are doing to your bodies with tobacco cigarettes smoking, filling every day our organism with poisonous mixture which is present in tobacco cigarettes. Even the wrapping paper in tobacco cigarettes when it burns, emit dozens of harmful substances, what more to say about tobacco in tobacco factories, which is treated with more of ten poisonous substances to clean it.

We came to the conclusion that while smoking electronic cigarettes we get only pure nicotine (if you use e-liquids with nicotine). According to the latest research, the causes of cancer in smokers is not the nicotine, but tar and carcinogens contained in tobacco smoke. Nicotine in its chemical composition is very similar and close to caffeine, nicotine causes dependence in smokers, caffeine is certainly much less addictive, but it is, if for example drink 50 cups of coffee in succession you can die, but caffeine nevertheless is not prohibited.