What should I take into account while buying my first E-Cigarette

What should I take into account while buying my first e-cigarette

Accumulator capacity
A significant factor that must be considered while buying your first electronic cigarette of a particular model is a battery (accumulator) capacity. The greater is the capacity of device’s battery – the longer is the interval between its charge. Ordinary battery capacity varies from 180 mAh (~ 300 puffs or 15 traditional cigarettes) to 1100 – 1300 mAh (~ 1500 – 2000 puffs 75 – 100 traditional cigarettes). Usually is supplied a spare battery that allows you to use electronic cigarettes continuously (until one battery works, the other – charges).

Also at the market of electronic cigarettes you can find a lot of different mods for electronic cigarettes that work on classical batteries. Furthermore, there are many e-cigarette sets with high-capacity rechargeable batteries, which are made in the form of a package of cigarettes – a portable charger for electronic cigarette. Battery chargers allow charging them from the USB port on your computer or your car cigarette lighter.

Liquids for e-cigarette refill
Liquids for electronic cigarettes are made of propylene glycol and glycerin. These substances are safe, but propylene glycol may cause allergic reactions, so for this users it is better to use glycerin based e-liquids. They produce greater amounts of steam, but have a specific sweet taste.

As well as cartridges (in Disposable Electronic Cigarettes or in starter kits), e- liquids have high, medium, low-nicotine and nicotine-free content. Furthermore, there is a great variety of liquids with different tastes. Users can buy ready to use liquids or to do them independently, mixing the liquid from vials with various concentrations of nicotine together with flavoring agents. Many users add flavor enhancers in the solutions of non-nicotine liquid and smoking electronic cigarettes without the risk of nicotine addiction.

The cartridge is a plastic cylinder with a porous filler inside, soaked with nicotine liquid or non nicotine liquid. Cartridges vary in size, shape, the maximum number of puffs, tastes and nicotine concentrations.

Electronic cigarette cartridges are available in three sizes: Super Mini (12-15 cigarettes), mini (15-17) cigarettes and with a mouthpiece (25 cigarettes).
Cartridges cigarette with a mouthpiece are the biggest and contain more liquid and give the large amount of puffs. Cartridges contain liquids with different flavors: tobacco, “Marlboro”, “Virginia”, cherry, apple, menthol, chocolate, coffee, melon, peach, vanilla, lemon and so on.

At all cartridges with nicotine are classified into: High (high nicotine content), Medium (medium nicotine content), Low (low-nicotine) and No (without nicotine). As a rule, people try a few cartridges with different nicotine strength from different manufacturers and choose the best option by practical consideration.